the head of the region drew attention of the meeting on the effective implementation of the presidential initiatives and assignments in the framework of the fight against coronavirus.

“the Whole support package, called the President of Russia, we have to do in full. Colleagues must be in manual mode to work out all areas, ranging from support for families with children and ending with SMEs who are entitled to public assistance. All payments to medical staff involved in the treatment of coronavirus patients should be completed before may 15. We pay special attention to insurance claims to medics. Measures this package of support should be brought in full. The question on my personal control”, – said Murat Kumpilov.

during the meeting, the President instructed Prime Minister Alexander Narolin three days to complete the formation of a regional plan of exit restrictions, based on the recommendations of the Russian government and of the CPS, developed jointly with the working group of RF state Council.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Natalia Shirokova, over the past day was done 1105 tests for coronavirus. The greatest opportunity of all involved laboratories is 1.3 thousand tests per day. Of the healthcare Minister Rustem meretukov reported that in the coming days in the Republic will go another apparatus for PCR studies. The President instructed to maximize the number of tests given epigastralgia, and improve the conduct of epikaleomai.

When discussing the issue of withdrawal from the regime of restrictions Murat Kumpilov said that the President of this country offer soft and gradual activities with strict monitoring of the situation and implementation of prescribed security measures.

“All trade enterprises must withstand the mode of disinfection to comply with the prescribed health standards. Any violation is the direct reason for the closure of a store or retail outlet. However, it is necessary to conduct a proper informational explanations to citizens on observance of measures of sanitary safety. In a phased withdrawal of restrictive measures for the implementation of sanitary requirements should be strictly controlled,” – said Murat Kumpilov.

According to the members of the Operational headquarters, the Republic is ready to lift restrictions. The head of the region emphasized that the CPS should carry out an effective analysis epigastralnami in connection with the beginning of their work.

Note that since 12 may, in addition to opening markets and fairs, permitted activity car washes. Given epigastralny are preparing to start work beauty salons and hairdresser. In the nearest plans of the renewal of the trolleybus.

In the framework of the decisions taken in Adygea remains the regime of self-isolation of persons over age 65 and individuals with chronic diseases; social distancing; access mode; the ban on holding mass events. In the enterprises whose activities are not suspended and fraught with risks of contacting citizens, introduced the compulsory wearing of masks and gloves. Walk and exercise outdoors possible taking into account the recommendations by distancing and compliance with health standards.

“At the same time, the accumulation of unacceptable children, the yard areas and the neglect of measures of social distancing. Mobile testing needs to continue its work, and the authorities of municipalities must respond flexibly to the development of the situation,” said Murat Kumpilov.

the Havana Republic also discussed with Ministers the issues of preparation of the third phase of support to citizens caught in a difficult situation in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus. Noted that by the end of this month the formation of food packages for these persons should be completed.