Details about the measures taken in this direction reported to the Vice-Prime Minister Natalia Shirokova. Currently in the Republic there are 14 799 applicants have received grants of 5,000 rubles for children up to three years, the total sum amounted to nearly 199 million rubles. Also 73 453 of the child from three to 16 years received a lump-sum payment in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. For these purposes almost 1.8 billion rubles. In addition, due to regional assets 10 886 of poor families in the region received a one-time cash payments totaling 395 million. rubles.

Adygeya included in the list of regions where from the first of January of this year of the family in the event of the birth of the third child or subsequent children will receive a monthly cash payment in the amount of subsistence minimum up until the child turns three years. Are the deputies of the Federal and regional levels. Regional maternity capital to 50 000 rubles this year received 326 families for a total amount of 16.3 million rubles.

Also since June, began providing monthly benefits for children from three to seven years. The payout is nearly 4.8 thousand rubles is 50 percent of the subsistence minimum of a child in the region. For these purposes, provided more than 430 million rubles, of them have already been granted 194,5 million rubles.

March 31, increased the maximum amount of unemployment benefits from eight thousand to 12 130 rubles. And families with children where one parent is unemployed, the allowance is increased based three thousand rubles for each child. In the Republic of 1095 employees already receiving such benefits at 1 815 children.
Working citizens over 65 years of age, who, because of a pandemic are on the isolation, get paid sick leave. For this purpose the Fund of social insurance has already spent more than 80 million rubles. In addition, this year at a time 2 534 veterans granted in the total amount of 24.5 million rubles.

“All orders of the President of the Russian Federation in full must be implemented in the region, and funds have been transferred to each recipient. Also I had direct orders for payments to physicians. All this work should be transparent. So you need to strictly monitor the equitable distribution of funds and timely provision of payments to completely eliminate the complaints of doctors,” – said the head of RA.

Murat Kumpilov instructed in advance to make management decisions to implement all social obligations. Separately, the meeting considered the complaints of citizens submitted to the head of RA from different communication sources.

When discussing public complaints Murat Kumpilov gave specific instructions on improvement of playgrounds, landscaping yards, green areas in municipalities, the elimination of all��x dumps and the regional operator for the export of municipal solid wastes.

in addition, citizens are being asked to improve street lighting, to ensure reliable power supply of consumers, to restore the fountains to fill water to the city pool. According to Rospotrebnadzor in the Republic of Armenia, Republic of Adygea received permission for the third phase of lifting the restrictive measures. Also epigastrica allows you to return to the question of the organization of the March of “Immortal regiment”, which is scheduled for July 26.

control of the head of the RA also issues of housing development, in which you must perform the task of providing housing for orphans, young families and professionals in rural areas through social programs. Murat Kumpilov has instructed the heads of municipalities to provide effective feedback with the population and to respond promptly to all requests of citizens, to provide targeted support.

In conclusion, the Armenian leader reiterated the need to implement the principles of lean manufacturing for the effective use of mechanisms and solutions to these problems.