on the eve of his sixth anniversary of the “Active citizen” continues to tell about the programs that help citizens to change life in Moscow better. The portal launched a new quiz dedicated to the capital’s electronic projects.

the First competition of this format has already taken place. It was held in three stages, each of which involved over 115 thousand citizens.

Members of the new quiz will test your knowledge about the portal of the Mayor and Government of Moscow the project “Discover Moscow”, “Moscow Museum online” and “e-Moscow school.”

In the campaign can participate all registered in the “Active citizen”. More detailed rules can be found on the project website.

Active citizens will be able to participate in the quiz during the month. The winners will receive rewards, including tickets to Moscow museums, which will be possible after the lifting of restrictions on holding mass events.

Quiz about e-capital projects launched in the “Active citizen”

the Project “Active citizen” was launched in 2014. Since then he was joined by 3.2 million people. Participants select streets and households that need to improve, vote for events for festivals and celebrations and offer their own ideas for the development of the city. Since the launch of the project Muscovites took part more than 4,5 thousand votes.