In Yartsevo orphanage for elderly and disabled, an outbreak of coronavirus. This was reported on the website of the government of Smolensk region.

It is noted that in total there have been 120 infected. The diseased condition is estimated as stable.

Initially, the coronavirus was found in the two employees of the institution, after which they were tested, all employees and residents. Positive results were have 22 staff members, 94 guests and 4 volunteers.

Now in the nursing home continue to operate with 27 members of staff who have coronavirus not confirmed.

In April it became known that in the nursing home Vyazma in the Smolensk region of the coronavirus was diagnosed in 83 people.

In recent days in Russia revealed 11 656 cases of infection with coronavirus. Everything in the world is infected 4.1 million. Growth contracted for the day amounted to 78.1 thousand people.