The granddaughter of the former mayor of Essen, Wolfgang Reiniger, has been kidnapped, reports the “Bild” newspaper. Her father, former soccer professional Andreas E., is said to have abducted her and another child to Paraguay. The public prosecutor’s office in Essen is investigating, and Interpol is also involved.

“There are indications that he may be in Paraguay. We are in close contact with the police and federal authorities and are trying to get the child back, but this is difficult,” a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor told the “Bild”.

According to the report, Andreas E.’s ex-wife traveled to Portugal herself and is desperately looking for her ten-year-old daughter Clara. The other girl of the same age that E. abducted is said to be the daughter of the former U20 international’s new wife. This is also with him in Portugal.

E. disappeared with the children and his wife to South America last November. Clara has not returned to her mother since a weekend of contact with her father.

Clara’s mother told the newspaper that E. left a “farewell letter” stating that he was opposed to vaccination. He compared the federal government’s corona policy with the Nazi regime. According to her own statements, during her own research on site, the mother met many opponents of vaccination.

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