A 75-year-old patient got lost in a Heidelberg clinic on Tuesday evening. Despite a search, the man was initially untraceable, but the next morning he broke through the ceiling of a mezzanine near the operating room.

A missing person case of a 75-year-old in the Heidelberg head clinic has come to a happy end, ready for film and with the help of “Kommissar Unfall” at the end. The senior, who had been searched for hours without success, finally broke through a ceiling in the hospital after more than twelve hours, where rescuers from the fire brigade were finally able to save him largely unharmed, as the police in Mannheim announced on Wednesday.

According to the information, the man, who had been stabilized by a neck brace because of a serious spinal injury, left the head clinic ward on Tuesday evening. It is now clear that he went down into the cellar there, but got lost in the catacombs. From there, the 75-year-old climbed a ladder into the clinic’s supply shafts, which were around ten meters higher.

While the search for the patient in the clinic was ongoing, he is said to have spent the night in the hospital’s false ceilings in a cavity above the operating rooms. There he then broke through the ceiling paneling of an adjoining room on Wednesday afternoon due to his weight, which is why hospital staff became aware. The 75-year-old was able to prevent himself from falling to the ground. The obviously strong man was able to hold on to himself until the rescue team arrived.

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