Probably it was his Trainer who saved his life. The Russian Boxer Maxim Dadashev’s on the weekend in Oxon Hill (USA) in the Junior-Welterweight fight against Puerto Ricans Subriel Matias powerful. So much So that his Trainer Buddy McGirt in the corner of the ring scared.

The TV cameras show the exchange between the Coach and the Boxer during the break after the eleventh round. “I’m going to stop it, Max,” says McGirt. His protege just shakes her head. McGirt: “Let me do that.” At the end of the coach is, the Fight is over.

former world champion Antonio Tarver is impressed. “A sign of a great coach,” said the 49-Year-old. “One who loves his fighters so much that he saves this for yourself.”

260 heavy hit plugged

However, for Dadashev, a other battle will begin now. 260 heavy hit count statistics. Hits that leave marks. Eight minutes after the task, the Russian, wanted to apply for after the Fight, a US Green Card collapses, he is immediately taken to the hospital.

In the ambulance, he loses consciousness, the diagnosis: brain haemorrhage! The Doctors open the skull, put the boxers into an artificial coma.

at The Moment Dadashev stable, it is called. It looks as if the Russian would come with the life. Also, thanks to his Trainer.