In 2021 will start testing of the training modules

this is stated in the draft roadmap for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in Russia. In addition, from 2021 in all regions will be held all-Russian Olympiad on AI. The win will allow children to receive preferential treatment when applying to universities.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/ RG In schools when universities started recruiting campaign

whether the students to master such a difficult subject? What programming languages is to teach children? And to what exactly? About this “RG” said the experts.

As the head of the laboratory of machine intelligence Konstantin Vorontsov, MIPT, you first need to determine what kind of object it is.

– the Development of artificial intelligence is narrowly defined professional discipline that requires training in mathematics and computer science at the University level. And she’s certainly not in high school, he said. – But the use of AI in different areas is another matter. It is an engineering discipline, in which you can collect the solutions of practical problems of ready “cubes”.

you Need to seriously update the course of the school of Informatics, experts believe

According to experts, the most similar to the circles on robotics. Students could participate in competitions for data analysis and to learn how in today’s world data is collected, how it is used for automation. But it is also a very serious subject even for motivated guys.

Photo: Pavel Lisitsyn / RIA Novosti Named the most popular among the students of EGE’s choice

– whether TSBdit it all for? I am sure that there is, – said Konstantin Vorontsov. – What could do to seriously update the school course of Informatics. There are too many abstract, outdated, impractical things. Yes, and a strong bias in programming need not all. You can do “Programming” and “AI” are two separate subjects in physics and mathematics classes. But in General a computer science course to include more practical examples about how data and information and how they work in different spheres, including with the use of AI.

But the Vice-rector for development of educational activities of the Ural Federal University Andrey Sozykin believes that students are very capable of creating artificial intelligence system with ready-made libraries of machine learning.

– for Example, students involved in our projects to create their own applications for recognition of a person’s face, for the analysis of social networks, optimization of energy consumption based on the analysis of the data, he said. – To organise training in artificial intelligence, you first and foremost to include in the curriculum the study of programming languages, which developed artificial intelligence system. Now the most popular language for this purpose is Python. This is a fairly simple language, students learn it quickly.