In 2019 infected with coronavirus-nCov cruise ship are two Russians

While the Russians from China aircraft taken out HQs, Brazilian authorities went even further: for the evacuation of its citizens from the Chinese Wuhan they will allocate two of the presidential plane. The desire to leave China has expressed dozens of Brazilians.

But for the Japanese passengers cruise ship Diamond Princess, the situation is disappointing. Three and a half thousand people can not leave the ship for another two weeks, as the ship was a Chinese citizen, who identified the virus.

According to the Russian Embassy in Tokyo, among the passengers of the liner there are two Russians. The doctors examined everyone on Board, and confirmed 10 cases of infection with coronavirus 2019-nCoV. These patients were taken to the hospital, and the ship placed in quarantine off the coast of Japan.

Earlier, the Japanese government reported 23 confirmed cases of infection with the novel coronavirus in the country, reminds TV channel “Russia 24”. Now this figure has increased by 10.

the Startling figures are growing worldwide. In recent days a new infection cases recorded in China, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Canada. Just for this moment, the coronavirus has infected a little over 24 and a half thousand people. 492 the patient to overcome the disease could not.