Statement of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn in the Ticker-Protocol

14.02 PM: Spahn also on the topic of testing in Corona-suspected cases: “We have to limit our testing capacity in the areas where it is absolutely necessary. I understand every citizen who would like to be tested. But in the case of limited capacity, we need to look at where it is useful and is displayed. We need to adapt with the experts accordingly.”

“In the 18 years policy has not experienced”: Spahn justifies his Fake-News-counter –

13.55: Spahn will be asked for a denial, in turn, from the last weekend. At the time, reports were circulating in the social networks, after which it come to a rapid “Lockdown”, so to reduce public life to a Minimum. Spahns Ministry denied prompt. Why? Spahn: “This news has led to panic-like reactions. He had feared that this message was targeted to have been scattered, possibly even economic interests were connected with it. “Fake News in such massiveness, I have not experienced in 18 years of policy. Therefore, we have to respond.“

In the Tweet of the Ministry of health said on 14. March: “It is claimed, and quickly spread, the Federal Ministry of health/the Federal government would soon announce a massive further restrictions of public life. That’s NOT true!
Please help to stop its spread.”

Minister of health declared his emergency plan for hospitals – Changes in the infection protection act

13.41 PM: “It is still difficult to get all the cons in each individual case, we will not be able to compensate,” says Spahn. “This epidemic remains a big challenge. We stay on the instructed of what drives those who work in the medical field. For this, we are all working in the health sector and the care each and every day to be grateful,” says Spahn.

13.40 PM: More Spahn announced a change in the infection protection act, to be able to more quickly to pandemics of this kind react. The Federal government should get more powers. In addition, the Cabinet had directed a scheme to facilitate the construction of clinics in the building code in the way, explained Spahn. Target the faster approval of construction methods to be.

13.32 PM: “From the many phone calls I what our nurses and all healthcare professionals, especially white,” begins the Minister of health, Jens Spahn. “Many go in to your application, even in the risk to become infected. To all of you I would like to say: We need you. We are grateful for their dedication and do everything so that you can work well.”

Spahn explains his emergency plan for hospitals: the way it should for each now kept free bed for a day rate of 560 euros, said Spahn. For each of the new intensive care unit with artificial ventilation clinics are to receive 50,000 euros Bonus. More costs such as in protective equipment to absorb, it is to give – for the period from April until the end of June – in addition, a surcharge of 50 euros for each patient.

“a Lot of patients wouldn’t go because of Corona to the doctor, move, currently, your visits to the doctor. The result is that many Doctors have loss massive sales. We want to make possible that the physicians ‘ associations can also assist here.”

Scholz defends Merkel on Wednesday in the Bundestag

13.11 PM: Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is Chancellor Angela Merkel represented on Wednesday with a speech in the Bundestag. At a press conference on Monday, Scholz said: “The Chancellor is now healthy, needs but – as with many currently in a domestic quarantine to stop.” You have asked him, therefore, that he was speaking of their place in the Bundestag. “The Chancellor is active, we have jointly conducted the Cabinet meeting,” said Scholz. Merkel had been switch on by Audio course. Files would be the Chancellor, at the present time. The example of Merkel again showed that the Coronavirus an infection that could affect anyone.

“Can’t see a connection between tuberculosis-vaccination and have a protective”

10.21 am: A question of aims, finally, whether or not the lower corona virus case numbers in the new länder are possibly associated with the fact that in the GDR in the 70s, a tuberculosis vaccination stock. Wieler to: “According to current knowledge, I can identify no context of a tuberculosis-vaccination and protection against Sars-Cov-2.”

10.17 p.m. it is Crucial that people keep to the measures taken “distance, the need of the hour is to hold”, says the RKI-chief once again. Kay Nietfeld/dpa Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch-Institute

RKI-chief: “We see the Trend of the exponential growth curve flattens”

10.12 PM: Also a question about the development of the case numbers in Germany Wieler: says, “We see the Trend of the exponential growth curve flattens.” On Wednesday could rate this in conclusion. However, to the measures that there was, in the meantime, since about a week, seem. “We see through the aggregated data from the mobile operators, the mobility got reduced, but still not enough.” Wieler is confident that this will change by the new measures.

Wieler says further: “We have been able to detect the epidemic in Germany very early, because we have tested a lot.” It is important, this is even more so to continue. “We need to increase the test capacity, which is still continuous.”

A great role-playing games in the context of Test-procedure to continue the medical staff. It is important to test specifically. Medical personnel could possibly work, if it is “symptomatic, but not positive on Covid-19 was tested”.

10.07 PM: Wieler also delivers good news: “Of the confirmed Covid-19-cases, a minimum of 2809 up to 22.3. recover.” RKI, however, assumes that the number is actually even higher, and more patients are cured.

Robert-Koch-Institute informs about the current Corona-the situation in Germany

10.04 PM: Wieler directs the eye to the situation in Germany: current 4062 were more Infected than the day before. Not all of the länder, however, the Numbers were submitted. Therefore, the value does not correspond to the actual number of cases. the “The persons concerned are in average 45 years old. Men make up 57 percent of the cases, and are affected slightly more often than women.”

10.00: RKI-chief Lothar Wieler gives an Overview of the current Situation. Worldwide 12.875 deaths were yesterday morning registered. the “to take The Numbers further, the epidemic continues to grow strongly.” It 182 countries were affected around the world. “Everywhere the case, to take the numbers and also the deceased.”

Monday, 23. March 9.15 a.m.: – Contact orders and output restrictions: In the fight against the Corona-crisis, the countries drastic measures. What is the current Corona-the situation in Germany? In addition, the Robert Koch Institute reported starting at 10 am again. FOCUS Online reported here in the Live Ticker.

Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

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