In 11 regions of Russia detained a group of 30 hackers

According to the press release, the criminal group worked in 11 regions of Russia. “Criminals specialized in the sale of stolen credit and debit cards Russian and foreign banks, the resulting unauthorized access to user accounts and Internet payment systems”, – explained in the secret service.

it is Noted that the arrest of the hackers were in the Crimea, North Ossetia, Moscow, Kaluga, Leningrad, Pskov, Samara and Tambov regions. As well as in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol.

Photo: FSB/ RIA Novosti, the FSB has identified three regions of Russia, the financing channel “IG”

According to the investigation (case conducted by the Investigation Department of the MIA of Russia), the hackers sold the stolen data through a Network of over 90 online stores. In the end, the funds lost by the citizens of the several States – the exact number of victims is not yet known. Funds with stolen cards online scammers bought expensive products in the online stores.

“during the searches at 62 locations seized more than a million dollars and 3 million rubles in cash, servers, fake documents, including “ksivy” law enforcement agencies. As well as firearms, drugs, gold bars and precious coins,” – said the FSB.

Among the detainees, by the way, not only Russians, but also citizens of Ukraine and Lithuania. 25 the detainees were presented charges under article “Illegal circulation of means of payments”. All of them imprisoned in jail. It is noted that some of the detainees previously had problems with the law.

Involved in criminal schemes online shopping eliminated, imprisoned in the secret service.