In 100 days,

Exactly 100 days today marks the beginning of the program “far Eastern mortgage”. In Transbaikalia during this time over 300 families were able to purchase housing under a two percent per annum. The sum of the contracts amounted to 900 million rubles.

all in All, preferential terms on housing certificate transbaikalians have more than 1.5 thousand applications. GTRK “Chita” notes that in all DFO received more than 19 thousand applications, more than 4.5 thousand to date has been approved.

Recall that in the “far Eastern mortgage” can take part young families up to 35 years, and single-parent families with children. As well as the far Eastern mortgage eligible participants of the program “far Eastern hectares”, which has taken the earth under individual housing construction.

Text: GTRK “Chita”