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the Interest was great from the environments throughout the country, when the Research council of norway advertised funding for koronaforskning with a very short deadline.

30 million is the amount that is allocated for research on the covid-19. Well over 100 sketches to projects was delivered.

the Amount given professor Thorkell Sandanger at the University to respond.

He believes the government has put too little money on the table for the important research that needs to be done now, while the pandemic is in progress.

I fully understand that you put hundreds of billion into the Norwegian business sector. It is necessary. But that one only going to spend 30 million on research. It is impossible to get done something solid for the sum.

Will find the real prevalence of koronaviruset

research projects have different point of view on the epidemic in the Uk.

While some scientists believe the answer to “korona-riddle” is located in the Norwegian flaggermusa, there are others who believe the sewer can be the right place to uncover the extent of the covid-19 in Norway.

the University has applied for support to the three projects.

One of these is Sandanger even involved in, and to be able to produce the true figures on the spread of korona in Norway:

This we shall achieve by that it will draw 1000 random people at SSB, which is sent to a pipe for a spyttprøve. This sample returned to the lab for analysis.

– By monthly to contact random selection spread over the whole of Norway will enable researchers to get good numbers on how many are infected from month to month.

This type of projects should extend over time and be coordinated nationally, and a frame at five million load restrictions in the context, ” says Sandanger about the project he is involved in.


How much more money should have been put on the table?

– Ti-a-time should be a minimum here. To get any punch on the that is scheduled.

See if they can increase the pot to the scientists

Director of the Research council of norway John-Arne Røttingen.

He says that they look for to support projects with money in the range of one to five million.

– Then is there a calculation that it is not more than a five to ten projects that can be supported. It is a bit less than I wished to me, given that we have had so many good prosjektskisser. We are in dialogue with several ministries about the opportunity to increase the scope of this call for proposals.

He agrees that it is important to get started quickly, on a part of the projects.

– In practice, it is incredibly important on a part of the projects. I want to believe that some of the institutions that have submitted sketches, already started with the data collection and any work on the projects. It is now epidemic in progress, and it is now one can collect data.

the Minister will look at whether there is more money

Research and higher education, Henrik Asheim writes in an e-mail to NRK that it is important to start the research while the pandemic is in its early stages.

Research and higher education, Henrik Asheim (H).

– So we can get systematic knowledge about the spread and consequences of the virus. It is good that Research has thrown himself around and got into 114 søknadsskisser from professionals across the country in a short time.

the starting point for the Research was that you can get carried out several important projects for 30 million, he continues.

Now, there are very many people who have provided søknadsskisser. Therefore, the Research council of norway and the ministry of education on whether we can find additional funds. Such a decision we must make when we know how many people actually search by the end of march.

Hope the sewage can provide important korona-answer More about koronaviruset OversiktSiste nyttSpørsmålNyhetsbrev