Where are the competitions?

The decisions go in the Khalifa International Stadium via the railway. The real football Arena with the athletics infrastructure is 2022, also the venue for group and Final Games of the soccer world Cup. The stadium is fully air-conditioned.

How many medals are up for grabs?

Total in 49 competitions 192 medals in the game. The Gold, silver and Bronze medals are all handmade. They show a Illustration of the world Cup stadium also 13 different elements of athletics and traditional Arabic Sadu patterns.

when are the competitions?

The competitions are held due to the heat, for the most part in the evening. The two Marathons even at midnight. Here we go on the 27. September, 15: 30 Swiss time, with the long jump-qualification of men. The circuit runs on 6. October, the 4×400-m relay of men, as from 20.30 to precious metal.

The official world Cup Website with the schedule.

Russia after the Doping scandal to start again entitled?

no. The Russian athletes do not remain from the world Association IAAF, a series excluded, to participate as a Nation is possible. The IAAF has decided on Monday that because of the doping scandal since November 2015 suspended Russian Federation, it is provisionally included. The lock is already for the twelfth Time extended. Nevertheless, Russians in Doha will fight for medals. After more intense examination of the IAAF, they may start as a so-called “neutral athletes” in international competitions. At the world Cup, 29 “neutral athletes are” reported.

how Many athletes are there?

a Little more than 2000 athletes from 200 countries at the Start. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Swiss Athletics is represented with a 22-person Team in Doha. So many of the Swiss participants, there was a world Cup, never.

Where can I see the competitions?

SRF transfers in the evening, several hours a day live from Doha on TV. The focus is on the medals of the decisions and the Swiss inserts are. In the afternoon, SRF shows the races live on srf.ch/sport and in the SRF sports App. In addition to the commentators Schmid, Gehrer, Winterberg and Moderator Billeter expert, Viktor Röthlin, and Ellen Sprunger are than TV in use.

what are Swiss you have to watch out for?

The biggest chances of getting a Top-ranked may calculate that Alex Wilson (100m/200m), Julien Wanders (5000m/10000m), Mujinga Kambundji (100m/200m), Lea Sprunger (400m hurdles) and the 4×100-Meter-Staffel of the women.

What are there for Stars to collect?

The IAAF a price from pouring money out of a total of 7,53 million US dollars. For Gold, there are 60’000 dollars, for silver and Bronze 30’000 and 20’000 dollars. The Eight-prize winner will receive $ 4,000. For a world record 100’000 dollars added to the extra.