The investment company Veraison is pounding on a splitting of the construction company Implenia. He call for a “consistent separation of the development from the construction business,” said Veraison co-founder Gregor Greber in an Interview with the Online Portal “The Market”.

“The development of business with the land Bank should be spun off into a second company to its shareholders and by means of a Spin-off to the stock exchange to be brought,” said Greber. Because the development Division has had “outstanding” guided and positioned on a large and attractive land Bank reserves. This value had to be ensured.

The land reserves associated with 199 million francs in the Implenia-balance sheet. Greber quoted by external analysts, who see the fair value of these land reserves and the development division, with more than 400 million.

With Implenia-President Hans-Ulrich Meister’m Veraison in a “constructive dialogue”. Masters have guaranteed that the substance in the Landbank reserves should not be used for cross-subsidisation or funding of the construction business, used.

No statement for international business

on The question of whether Implenia-prone, the problem abroad is to exit the business, did not want to comment on Greber “at this time”. On a sale of the entire construction business, Greber urges, however. Because the Implenia’s Management was convinced that it was the project and risk management is now in the handle. “We are pleased about this Conviction,” said Greber.

The activist Investor had done last week with the long-term major shareholder Max Rössler and the participation of 18.1 percent reported. The shareholder group wants to support Implenia “on the way back to success,” as well as the value of the group to ensure and increase, it was said on last Friday. (SDA/koh)