Impeachment trump: the democratic party accused the Republicans of betraying the

speaker of the house of representatives of the us Congress Nancy Pelosi called Donald trump a threat to US democracy. Republican senators, she accused him of betraying the Constitution. So Pelosi responded that the impeachment Trump is not passed.

the current Senate leader acquitted on both charges. But the Democrats do not give up and ready to start the procedure of impeachment if the White house will give the slightest reason.

“I believe the American people understand this: it was one of the biggest cover-up in the history of our country. I believe that people know the truth from them hid! And make no mistake on this point: truth will come out, the evidence against trump there. The Republicans will have to answer for his words”, — said the leader of the democratic minority of the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

Supporters of trump, meanwhile, is celebrating the victory and saying that Democrats tried to oust him because you know what will defeat him in the upcoming elections. The white house called the actions of the Democrats trying to intervene in American elections 2020.

a statement was made by the son of the head of the White house Donald trump Jr. He proposed to exclude from the Republican party, Senator MITT Romney, who partially supported the charges against the President and was thus the first Senator in U.S. history, which called for the impeachment of the President of the same party.

However, the protection trump the results of the process totally satisfied. “The real winner in this process was not only American people but also the Constitution, the administration of the President of trump and, of course, the President himself. So we are very pleased with the result. We are glad that it is all over. And now is the time to pay attention to other things. I think this is what will happen,” the lawyer said trump J. Sekulow.

the Donald trump promised that today will make a statement at the White house with the completion of the impeachment. And while tweeted VIdeo, in which he promised eternal presidency. The authors of the movie believe that every four years, the trump will again and again take the post, which is now.