Donald Trump (73) is always nervous. The Impeachment process the Democrats against the US President is in full swing. Every day new witnesses in the Ukraine to be interrogated in Washington affair. By the end of November, it could come to a final vote in the house of representatives.

Trump urged on Monday his party colleagues to fight the investigation against him harder. And his Republican friends obey!

On Wednesday in the capital to a head. Some members of Parliament to storm shortly before noon (local time) a session, to penetrate illegally into the hall. The 30 Republicans succeed in it, on the hearing of Laura Cooper, a high-level Pentagon staffer, temporarily interrupt.

Noteworthy: The meeting will be held in a secure room. The rules of Congress prohibit the access to such areas without a permit.

Chairman holt, the head of security

The Republicans, this is no matter. You delay the testimony of Cooper to a total of five hours. The leader of the intruders, Matt Gaetz, is tweeting live from the protest action. Stupid only, that actually, no smart phones in the secure area are allowed. The second rule violation by Gaetz this afternoon.

The tumult in the Congress to be transferred in the afternoon to a true television spectacle, which all the major television stations live. Eventually, Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the house intelligence Committee will, to colorful. He contacted the chief of security of the Congress. But can’t seem to align too much.

later in The afternoon, the Republicans left the meeting room, ultimately, free will. And explain a short time later, at a press conference. The reason for the protest: The Trump-friends are angry that they had been excluded from the meeting.

Trump knew from the action

it is a fact that The participation was open to all members of the three committees of the house of representatives, who are concerned with the Ukraine investigation. The invaders do not belong to these bodies. Trump, and many Republicans accuse the house of representatives of the dominant Democrats, to lead the investigation in an unfair way.

According to CNN, Trump knew about the Protest action of his party colleagues. The deputies had agreed on Tuesday at a joint meeting.

US military assistance to Ukraine

In the statement, Cooper’s, which is in the Ministry of defence responsible for the Ukraine, it should go to a months-long-held U.S. military aid to the country in the amount of $ 391 million. The US chargé d’affaires in Kyiv, Bill Taylor, having had on Tuesday alleged that Trump had held back the aid, with the aim of achieving the desired investigations against his political rival Joe Biden (76) and his son Hunter (49).

The time of the Ukraine affair 25 bar. July – The phone

U.S. President Donald Trump (73) and Ukraine’s President Wolodomir Selenski (41) calls for approximately 30 minutes.

The conversation is recorded from the White house.

Five days before this phone call, so at the 20. July 2019, set Trump, temporarily, of military aid in the amount of nearly 400 million dollars to the Ukraine.

12. August – The Whistleblower complaint

A secret service employee submits a complaint about the phone call to inspector General Michael Atkinson (61).

Atkinson classifies this as a “credible and urgent matter”.

19. September

The intelligence Committee of the house of representatives is on the complaint

stay informed, It transpires that the complaint revolves around the Ukraine: Trump should have put the Ukrainian President under pressure.

24. September – Democrats to start Impeachment proceedings

house of representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi (79) announces an Impeachment process.

25. September

The White house released a souvenir log of the phone call: Trump asked Selenski, among other things, an investigation against his political rival Joe Biden (76) and his son Hunter (49) to initiate, Trump corruption in the Ukraine to accuse.

Selenski and Trump meet at the UN General Assembly in New York.

Selenski says he was not put under pressure.

26. September

The Congress published the Whistleblower complaint.

The Whistleblower learned of the telephone conversation second-Hand.

3. October

Trump calls on China live on TV, to launch an investigation against the Biden family.

8. October

The White house announced, to block any cooperation in the investigation against Trump.

17. October

Gordon Sondland, U.S. Ambassador to the EU, says before the competent committees of the house of representatives. It is Trump to have him and other diplomats instructed his private attorney Rudy Giuliani to work together.

22. October

The business, leading the US Ambassador in Kiev, William Taylor, charged Trump hard. According to his statements, the US President stopped the military aid to the Ukraine to force the country’s investigation against the Bidens to.

23. October

riots in the US Congress: About 30 Republicans to storm a meeting and stop for five hours, the statement of Laura Cooper, a high-level Pentagon employee. The Republican members complained that they were excluded from the hearing.