the head of the Department in the Hadassah hospital and the Ar-Zophim, Professor Jacob Berman compared vaccinated against coronavirus with the flu vaccine. According to him the similarity of the two drugs will be to relieve symptoms of flow COVID-19. While 100% protection against the new virus should not count, said the expert.

“Now everyone is trying to develop a vaccine that would completely prevent infection, but in fact, such vaccines are almost not. Most likely the new drug will work on the principle of vaccination against influenza,” – with reference to the expert RIA Novosti reported.

the Search for a vaccine against COVID-19 are now engaged scientists from different countries. Some laboratories have already conducted the first phase of testing on humans. Earlier, the head of the state research center of Virology and biotechnology “Vector” of Rospotrebnadzor announced plans to begin clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus at the end of June. To check selected three drugs showing the highest efficiency. Speaking about mass vaccination of the population in Russia, Director of SIC of epidemiology and Microbiology N.F. Gamalei Alexander Ginzburg expressed the hope that she can start in the fall.