From October 1st, German citizens must pay close attention to their current vaccination status. Then an important change should apply. Anyone who has not received booster protection may then be considered unvaccinated. FOCUS Online says what you need to consider now.

The federal government has changed the Infection Protection Act.

From October 2022, new rules for the immune status should take effect.

Anyone who has not been vaccinated three times is then considered unvaccinated. So far, people are considered “fully vaccinated” if they have been vaccinated twice. The third vaccination leads to the so-called booster protection. The second vaccination was valid for 270 days.

The recovered status should also be equated with the vaccination. Those who have recovered only need two vaccinations to be considered “fully immunized”.

An antibody test should also be sufficient as proof of recovery. However, this must have taken place before the first vaccination.

Anyone who has contracted corona after vaccination needs a positive PCR test result that shows the infection. The quarantine request or the quarantine proof are also accepted.

Anyone who has recovered loses their immune status in Germany six months or 180 days after the positive test result.

Those who are basic immunized, i.e. have only received two vaccinations, lose their status after nine months (270 days).

People who have been boosted (i.e. with a third vaccination) are considered “boosted” indefinitely.

You can see when your status expires using our calculator, which you can find here:

If you are vaccinated

when you have recovered

Those who have recovered are said to lose their immune status from October, six months or 180 days after the positive test result. The Federal Ministry of Health should determine the period. The Robert Koch Institute was previously responsible for this.

Anyone who has been basic immunized so far, i.e. has only received two vaccinations, will automatically lose their status from October 1st.

Boosted people (i.e. with a third vaccination) are considered “fully immunized” indefinitely (as of March 16, 2022).

Wherever 3G or 2G access restrictions could take effect from autumn, those affected must pay attention to their current vaccination status from October. Anyone who has received a third vaccination is allowed access to companies with 2G regulations. If the person has only received two vaccinations, they are not allowed to enter the company. With 3G, the person with two vaccinations needs a daily rapid test.

There is currently no access restriction in Germany. The immune status plays no role in public life.

The new rule should also apply to trips abroad. When entering Germany, travelers then need a third vaccination or a combination of two vaccinations and a recovery to be considered “fully immunized”. Otherwise, a recent recovery or negative test result is required.

The 2G Plus rule is indirectly abolished with the innovation for vaccinated people. That could simplify a lot of things in public life when checking evidence.

Until now, people who have been vaccinated twice have required an additional test unless they have received booster protection. They are considered unvaccinated from October with two vaccinations. Those who have recovered may then need an additional test with 2G-Plus.