she lives on the beautiful lake of Zug in Immensee SZ, but Shawne Fielding (49) does not feel there. “I’m so unhappy there,” railed you last week at the award ceremony of the German television price your home of choice (VIEW reported).

“The Swiss are A****holes!”, you scolded in the “image”-newspaper. “You are not friendly and not happy for you when you succeed.” On Sunday you back krebste and call it a joke, the would have understood the people wrong (LOOKING reported).

Nevertheless, many Swiss from the statement feel snubbed. Especially in however, place of residence, Immensee, where the Ex-Embassy wife who has been living for 2015 with your new Partner. In VIEW of the intra-Swiss fight back now and fight back!

“Have you never seen a village festival”

“In Immensee, the people are very nice, it is very open to all,” says René Hunziker, of the district of Küssnacht am Rigi, live in Immensee. “Our newcomers are not looking at the whole of life as a Foreign. I moved myself am years ago also, and experienced the Integration is very positive. We have an active Association. If you show up and are committed, you are taken immediately.” In addition, Newcomers are invited to a drinks reception.

But you should also be able to the people. What Fielding does not seem to! “Shawne Fielding and her Partner Patrick Schöpf, I have never seen at a village festival. And we celebrate many festivals, of grümpel tournament carnival to Church festivals and school events – throughout the year there are social events.” Especially the Zug Ex-hockey Goalie Patrick Schöpf had shaken EVZ Fan of René Hunziker like “the Hand”, he says. “But unfortunately it was never to be.”

Even more significant, Peter Küng, also Küssnacht district Council and resident in Immensee. “We are not A****holes!”, he emphasises. “We are very friendly. I have met in my 15 years that I live here, hardly ever unfriendly people.”

“to Me, the people do not believe say Grüezi”

The Küssnacht municipality President Armin Tresch, it is not at Immensee, the Ex-Embassy wife, you feel the lake of Zug. “Here are all friendly. To me, the people say always Hello. Maybe it’s Yes to you?”

Of the three towns that belong to Küssnacht, Immensee is the one that I still have the character of the village. “The Integration takes place mainly through clubs. There you will be welcomed and quickly finds the connection.”

But if you look at his home only as a Schlafort, could it be possible that the contact with the local residents leave not only difficult to establish. “Part of it is on a lake and very expensive housing, and the Newcomers are mainly due to the wonderful residential location and not because of the village life. But it is also not so that there is residential area, not isolated would stand up for themselves.”