Coronavirus driver of the world economy out of a downturn, which calls for massive aid to several countries, says IMF chief.

It is clear that the world has gone into a recession that is as bad or worse than the financial crisis in 2008-2009.

It says the head of the International Monetary fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, on Friday, according to news agency Reuters.

the Economy “sudden braking” provides a recession, which will probably be “quite deep,” says Georgieva.

IMF chief held on Friday a onlinepressekonference.

She expects the world economy will recover again in the course of 2021. But it only happens if the virus can be contained, and if one can prevent cash flow problems does not lead to problems with ability to pay.

There are especially to be pressure on developing countries, which will require financial help in the range of 2500 billion u.s. dollars. It shows the preliminary forecast of the IMF, writes the news agency AFP.

– We believe that it is in the low end, adds Georgieva.

Over 80 countries have already asked the IMF for help because of coronakrisen, informs she.

Now is the IMF to look at how to practically need to do in order to prevent, to the most indebted countries in the world “falls over the edge,” says Georgieva.

In the Danish Industry (DI) explains the chief economist Allan Sørensen, to coronavirusset has hit the economy with extremely heavy force, both in Denmark and in the rest of the world.

– the world Economy is going down in a big hole, which will leave deep traces in the economic activity in 2020, he writes in a comment.

The big shutdown of the global community, and the dwindling demand also hit Danish businesses hard. Denmark exports of 3.5 billion dollars each day of the year, shows the DI’s figures.

– We expect that coronakrisen can weaken the Danish economy by nearly seven percent in the year, amounting to 155 billion kroner, says Allan Sørensen.

In many countries there will be in these weeks launched huge stimulus packages, which may help to mitigate the economic damage of coronakrisen.

Later on Friday expected the House of Representatives in Washington to approve a package of emergency to not less than 2000 billion u.s. dollars.

– Hjælpepakkerne can hopefully ensure that we can quickly get growth going again, when we hopefully soon get the hang of coronavirusset, says Allan Sørensen.