Imaginary janitor with tights extorted from the inhabitant of Kazan of 250 thousand dollars

In a real blockbuster drew his revenge 33-year-old businessman from Kazan allegedly injured from his hands customer. He left his hometown seven months been watching and in the end made armed assault on the businessman, said the official representative of the Ministry Irina Wolf. Surveillance cameras recorded the attacker.

“the purpose of the visit — first, to know the city of Kazan, and secondly, we live in companions who robbed me, schemers” — said after the arrest in a rented apartment the suspect.

In the capital of Tatarstan, he moved in August 2019, has acquired a traumatic gun, handcuffs and devices for covert tracking. In early March, he was disguised as a janitor attacked her abuser, when he sat behind the wheel. After several blows to the face he put the man in handcuffs, pushed into the passenger seat, where he tied a nylon pantyhose over the neck to the headrest and put on his head a Balaclava.

After a short trip the attacker stopped and presented their demands — 250 thousand dollars for freedom. The victim promised to collect the required amount, but as soon as he was released, taking the DVR and 21 thousand rubles, went to the police.

the robber, as seen in the frames, left the car, I quickly changed into the basement and disappeared. However, far away he could not — he was soon arrested. During the search, in addition to the hidden cameras and in trauma, found some knives, the radio and the DVR.

For extortion and robbery earlier convicted the man faces serious jail time. The court, he will have to wait in custody.