The Slogan of Coach and Blogger Michael Leister sounds hard: fuck that, fuck what others think. A Council that will offend many, such as the placement of his book, proves that the IMAGE best-seller list: “eat my shit! Like you, it doesn’t matter what others think“ lands this week at number 2 in the book charts.

fuck that, fuck that – what does that even mean?

Leister explained that it is quite not bad, to be guided by the opinion of his fellow man – after all, commonalities and interaction allow for a social life. However, the orientation in the Exterior should be in good balance with the view to the inside. The learning task that the author gives to his readers on the way: to check The status symbols critically and to not do things to please others – especially if you feel uncomfortable.

The three keys to success

are The three main pillars of the personality, which no one should neglect, self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem.

self-awareness all that we know about ourselves says. In the best case, no one knows us as well as we ourselves. Michael Leister: “The more you you, with you, your interests and your busy Want, the more you get a feel for what you really want from life. But especially you, to trust you even more to learn.“

self-awareness leads to more self-confidence, which, in turn, can give courage and Confidence, once you realize that you can rely on yourself, because you have already done a lot in life.