The head of the White house Donald trump said that is a tough sanctions policy against Russia, so Moscow doesn’t want his re-election. He also recalled that in recent years the United States has strengthened its armed forces and contributed to the growth of NATO.

Moscow categorically does not want the current head of the White house Donald trump has again won the elections, scheduled for November 3 – said the American leader.

So he has commented on the statement by the Director of the us National centre for counterintelligence and security William Evanina that is knitted with the Kremlin Russian officials vilified in the media of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Joe Biden and trump support.

“the Last person Russia wants to see in the post [of President] is Donald trump. Because nobody was so severe with Russia, I”, — quotes RBC of a word of the President of the United States.

He recalled that Washington imposes sanctions against Russian export gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” and “Turkish stream”.

“I don’t care what anybody says. Least want [my] election victory China and Iran. We will follow all of them,” — said the politician.

In his statement Evanina indicated that Moscow sees in Biden representative of the “anti-establishment”.

He stressed that working for the Russian government people are putting “sticks in the wheels” campaign Biden because of his activities in the administration of former us leader Barack Obama, but also because of the support of domestic opposition movements.

“Some associated with the Kremlin actors also seek to support the candidacy of the President of trump in social networks and Russian TV,” — said the head of the center.

One of the politicians allegedly acting on the orders of the Kremlin, he called “Pro-Russian Ukrainian member of Parliament” — the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Derkach, seeking to “demonize Biden and the Democratic party.”

While earlier trump insisted that Moscow wants his defeat in the November electoral race, because under the current head of the White house, NATO has increased military spending by European springboard, but Moscow wants to see a weaker Alliance.

“as for Russia, believe me, they want me to lose elections,” — expressed confidence the head of state.

In mid-July this year, the lawyer trump Rudolph Giuliani released a video about embezzlement of us aid to Ukraine. According to him, most of the $5 billion granted to Kiev financial support was stolen, with the connivance of Barack Obama, who was then President of the United States and his Vice President Biden.

“the accounting chamber in Ukraine��have arugula in advance of the misuse of funds in the amount of U.S. $5.3 billion during the Obama administration, while Joe Biden was a “spotter”. Embassy Obama urged Ukrainian police to carry out investigation,” said Giuliani.

As evidence, he cited the document of the chamber of accounts from 2017, confirming the fact that Kiev has detected embezzlement of funds. Document Giuliani received just from Derkach, who later published a recorded conversation, presumably, Poroshenko and Biden.

According to Giuliani, in a corrupt scheme involved former us Vice-President Biden (at the time he was the curator of Ukraine), billionaire George Soros (in many countries it has created and funded a network of foundations, through giving them grants to support democracy and human rights movement, including in the Ukraine).

In the “case” also featured former U.S. ambassadors to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette, Marie Yovanovitch, and William Taylor, Petro Poroshenko, former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine Sytnyk, as well as a former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaliy KASKO.

I should add that, according to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Moscow will work “with any leadership of the United States”, depending on the desire of Washington to cooperate with Russia.

In turn, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has denied the words of former US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton that “Putin can play the trump like a fiddle”.

“Putin can’t play the trump, like a violin. What Putin thinks of trump, he repeatedly said in numerous interviews,” — said Peskov.

According to him, the Russian President does not consider his American counterpart easy object for manipulation.

In the fall of 2019 Putin said that the domestic political agenda in America is stopping Trump to get along with Russia and to overcome the crisis in relations between the two countries.

“We all know Mr. trump about Russian-American relations. But, unfortunately, still not done. But we are not complaining because we see what is happening in the internal political life of the United States,” — said the Russian leader.

In early October, trump said that Washington plans to carry on with Moscow a constructive dialogue and to improve relations.

“It would be great to get along with Russia, and we get along with Russia, as it is reasonable”, — stated the President of the United States.