He was German champion twice with Borussia Dortmund and now Neven Subotić is fed up. The 33-year-old is turning his back on professional football because he has simply lost interest in the sport.

End of career: “I don’t watch a whole game, only highlights, just want to see goals. I’m no longer interested in football per se,” said Neven Subotić in an interview with the Augsburger Allgemeine. The end of the career of the two-time German champion is probably imminent, he “just didn’t have time to make it official.” Subotić continued: ” I’m so pissed off because a lot of it is so irrelevant.”

Short, compact, clear

He helps: Instead, the former Dortmunder wants to devote his attention solely to his foundation, with which he provides clean drinking water in Africa. “Women and children are out and about for up to six hours a day hauling dirty water. You can imagine what happens if you drink contaminated water every day,” said the long-time Bundesliga player.

Found a purpose: Subotić has been involved for ten years, promoting water systems in East Africa, drilling wells and building sanitary systems. In an interview, the former defense chief admits that he has found his calling in the foundation’s work. “My heart burns for the foundation. That’s what I live.”