Im going to yasenki

many people, probably on this news raised an eyebrow – well, what are their homes in Moscow? Houses in the Silver forest or the village of artists on the Falcon for hundreds of millions of rubles? This is for the elite… There, Yes, but there are also New Moscow! Villages and dacha are missing, and you can drive as in the city centre by metro or train. No wonder the demand for land is increasing from year to year, confirms the head of the city property Department, Maxim Gaman. According to him, the interest to lease city land for construction of private houses for the last three years has increased 10 times!

“This is not only the development of infrastructure in areas where urban land, but quite low price for auction-the average annual rent for a plot of 10 acres in one of the most popular counties – New – costs about 243 thousand rubles,” – says Gaman.

the money the winner of the auction will pay for the year lease, while the building he is given a year and a half. After registration of the ownership plot could be sold at cadastral price or leave a long-term lease for 49 years and to pay 0,1% of the cadastral value per year. The second option was considered much more profitable.

the fact that the average cadastral value of the plot of 10 acres in New Moscow – 2.7 million rubles. To buy – then you need all at once to pay the full amount. And if you take a long-term lease, to pay annually a total of 2.7 thousand rubles. Now, under the new law to buy back is 40% of the cadastral value, that is just 1.08 million is an acceptable price for the land within the boundaries of the capital.

the New law is already in action. It is about the sites for individual housing construction, subsidiary farming and gardening – that only they can build personal capital house. The right of preferential repayment can be used by those who have long leases from the city the land, and those still under construction or looking out the station.

the head of the Department for competition policy Ivan Shcherbakov has told “RG” in March and April land auctions canceled because of the quarantine, “But in February, the average competition in the auction has grown three times in comparison with last year – with one and a half to five on the lot. Among the participants there are Moscow residents and people from other regions. Now up for auction exhibited three plots of land within the boundaries of “old” Moscow and seven in the new territories”.

Tina Muscovites is popular for two reasons. First, there is plenty to choose from, and the prices are lower. In other districts cadastral value of land – an average of 17 million rubles. Secondly, the annexed territories is rapidly developing infrastructure – new metro stations, roads, schools, clinics and more. Thanks to it��OC that can live in your home town, but to have the Moscow residence permit and go to work in the subway.

However, demand and remote areas of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas. Muscovite Yuri Khristoforov, for example, rented at the city auction just two sites in the village Teterinki in the Trinity district of the capital, as they are located close to each other. He built two small houses to move a large family from a rented apartment. Long-term lease agreement has been signed only on one area – in this procedure, a lot of formalities and often there are problems, he admits. Ransom didn’t even think – too expensive. But when I learned from the correspondent of “RG” about the new law, immediately began to count: “60% off? Something to think about. Because the price of my land with 1.7 million reduced to 680 thousand rubles.”

I Agree with Yuri and other Muscovites, who built his own house. On Internet forums, they recognized that in the construction of their houses is rarely possible to meet the budget, since there are new costs. “In the end, the end of the construction does not have money to buy land and plot have to rent. And, you know, and the owner of the land, and the house was built, and to sell it or to bequeath can’t,” they get upset. “The law expanded the rights of Muscovites will increase the demand for land,” – said Maxim Gaman.

You’re thinking about the purchase of land from the city? View options on the investment portal of the capital – now there are 10 plots for individual housing construction in the “old” Moscow and in the villages of New Satino-Russkoye, Sal’kove, yasenky, Baklanovo, and others. There you can find out how to become a bidder and to apply for participation in the auction or inspection of the chosen site. However, due to quarantine this feature is not yet available.