As you know, Sochi is the most Northern city in the world with subtropical climates. Here the bright sun, clear sea and wonderful beaches. But local officials go to them not to sunbathe but to work.

– All the city 190 of the beaches, including 82 – municipal – says the Director of the Department of resorts and tourism of administration of Sochi, Svetlana Batalkina. Experts say that so well-equipped coastal territories there is no one of our resort. Not accidentally, this year beach 21 of the 24 Sochi in Russia won the prestigious international certificate “Blue flag”. It was not easy, we do to the sea as went to work to monitor preparations for the start of the season. But now citizens and our guests can relax on the comfortable territories that meet the highest standards. It is ecologically clean sea water, a five-time cleaning, mandatory accessibility for disabled people – ramps and path leading up the shingle and into the sea. It was nice to hear words of gratitude from the rest. Many people come here every year and with us rejoice in the change.

Svetlana Batalkina after the winter Olympics, the city administration has started the implementation of the concept of development of Sochi as the capital of event tourism. Largely because of this escaped from seasonality, and the city has become a year-round resort.

there was a danger that the fate of many of the Olympic capitals not pass, and that Sochi has interest in him will eventually fade away, she says. – So we went through towns and villages, and especially in Moscow, to promote Sochi. Gradually there were so many initiatives and proposals that I had to select the best. This season was planned as bright and eventful, but while all public events cancelled. However do not lose hope that the most important of them are still held. We are looking forward to the race “Formula 1” and “Kinotavr”.

According to Batiking, thanks to the work of all city agencies, law enforcement agencies and its own inhabitants during the quarantine, the holiday season kicked off on schedule. However, mass events are prohibited. What on earth to do with the visitors?

with the Strengthening of their health, – tells the Vice-the mayor Vladimir Pushkarev, who oversees administration of the city’s resort industry. – It is in Sochi, there is every possibility – from a rich treatment base of our resorts to unique environmental factors. Everyone knows Sochi national Park, Caucasian state biosphere reserve, actively develop ecological and agricultural tourism. A small group waiting in trout farms, where you can fish, which you then cook. Missed the holiday hotels greeted them with open arms embraced��Yami. Prices most of our resorts are trying to keep on the same level as last year. And some health centers, such as our famous Matsesta, even reduced it almost by half. Tourists wait in our mountain cluster in Krasnaya Polyana, where lots of options for a fun and safe holiday.

Krasnaya Polyana resorts, popularly called the “Russian Courchevel”. The famous resort is located on the territory of Caucasian state biosphere reserve. Every year 250 thousand tourists walk on its trails. Here we are, doing together with the Deputy Director of the reserve Olga Pegawai way in just two and a half kilometers, climbed to the observation deck, which was perfectly visible the whole Krasnaya Polyana.

– If you want to unload and relax, you have to go to the mountains, – says Olga. Summer here is even more interesting than on the coast. Around stunning beauty. Walking on the trails, you can find tours, deer, bison, deer, raccoons, and some bears are even seen. During the quarantine, the nature rested, and the birds made their nests right on the trails. We recommend you travel in small groups of three to ten people.

25 ecological-tourist trails in the most interesting places of the Caucasian reserve. The most popular with tourists – “Font” and “Horizon”. A little away from the nature reserve, the resort “Krasnaya Polyana” – is part of the mountain cluster of the Olympic project. Here the longest skiing season. In some valleys, at an altitude of 2200 meters is still snow. For lovers of mountain sun loungers and jumps ski tricks.

According to the Vice-the mayor Vladimir Pushkarev, Sochi has a lot of fans who dedicate a favorite resort posts and entire communities in social networks. “We are happy to read and happy that guests like us” – said the Deputy head.

In Sochi now work:

in addition, tourists waiting for 938 of objects in the “without stars” (guest houses, campsites, small hotels). The capacity of number Fund of Sochi accommodation facilities allows you to make more than 200 thousand people at a time.

According to the Federal and regional tour operators is growing every day activity booking Sochi vacation spots. Now booked every day from 700 to 1000 placements. The main regions of origin, in Moscow and Moscow region, St.-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk region, Novosibirsk, Bashkortostan and the Volga region.

Sochi can offer the relaxation for every guest, from budget guest houses from 900 rubles per day to the premium hotels and Deluxe class.