Russian figure skating champion Evgenia Medvedeva says she’s not yet in great competitive shape and needs more rest to store up the necessary strength for the season-opening Cup of Russia stage where she will next compete.

The 20-year-old, who recently presented her new programs at the test skate in Moscow, commented on her error-riddled free skate performance, revealing that health problems had affected her preparation for the new season.

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We’re doing everything possible to hold training sessions so the state of my health won’t affect the process,” the skater said.

Medvedeva made several noticeable errors during her program, but said she wasn’t upset by her poor performance.

Normally, I’d be very upset after a bad performance, but now I’m not, because I know I’ll skate much better after having a rest. I’ve finally realized that a poor performance at the test skate doesn’t mean you’ll skate badly in a competition. It’s important for me to have a day off tomorrow – I need rest. I’m at an age when I need to rest more than skate,” Medvedeva added.

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This week, she will take part in the first stage of the Russian Cup – an obligatory event for all Russian skaters vying for a spot on the national team.

Medvedeva, who’s been training under Canadian specialist Brian Orser, said she hasn’t yet got into good competitive shape, but hopes to improve her physical condition throughout the season.

Worst thing in Test Skate – Evgenia Medvedeva Ugly jumps,poor ss and spins,of course flutz and axel 26cm by Orser But the worst thing is the program. Perhaps the worst prog in all TS One more cringe from Shae-Lynn Bourne Its good that there are few moments that make you laugh