In November of last year when the budget deputies of the City Duma of Ulyanovsk defended the increased funding of this cost line. Thanks to the support of the Governor Sergey Morozov and mayor Sergey Panchina for the construction of stormwater drainage was provided for 29 million rubles. However, by early July, despite the allocated funds, the restoration work began.

in the Summer of Ulyanovsk often flooded rainwater flows, and social networks are full of photos and videos of the machines is almost at the roof stretching out into the water. The locals are tired of fighting with this problem.

– spring on the street Youth water accumulates on the road, on the draft stormwater drainage here is not mortgaged. Cars pass with difficulty, to say nothing about people. There’s no sidewalk, so pedestrians are forced to walk on the road. Residents of houses along the street Youth, 51 and 53, can’t even take out the trash. The asphalt from the flow of water is also not getting any better. It turns out that we improved the Park in this neighborhood, and go to him impossible, – says the representative of the public chamber of the Ulyanovsk region Gennady Slyusarenko.

the causes of the incident was personally investigated by the Chairman of the City Duma of Ulyanovsk Ilya Nozhechkin.

I remember as a kid with my parents we were looking for a way to get around huge puddles on the road. Since then, the situation has not improved. These areas are located in every district of the city. Flooding occur periodically in the neighborhood “New generation” on the street polbina, Avenue Narimanova and the Doctor is Harsh – the list goes on and on. Construction of stormwater drainage is technologically complex and expensive process. Performers prefer to build roads without storm water drainage systems to avoid increased costs of the project. As a result, the solution is deposited, the funds are transferred for other purposes, and the main question was not solved. We have already discussed it at relevant committees and meetings of the City Council, – says Ilya Nozhechkin.

today the auction was held to just two objects of recovery of stormwater. Moreover, after the contractor abandoned the commitments made. Now the solution was found in both locations, but the fate of the others is open to question.

– Timing trading by the former head of Department of road economy and transport of a city administration of Ulyanovsk tight. People are waiting for the decision problem. We deputies have provided all the necessary tools for this. But, it’s been a significant part of the construction season, and nothing remains not done. What are we waiting for? Autumn and new floods? I now turn to the new acting chief of profile management Valery Hudorozhkov and please take action on this issue in the shortest possible time – said Ilya Nozhechkin.

on 30 June in the City Duma Ulyanovsk�� at the meeting of the interdepartmental Commission on determination of reasonableness of expenses of the city budget will consider the issue of restoration of storm sewers in eight locations. We are talking about the roadway between the houses No. 22 and No. 25 on the prospect of the Doctor’s tough, at the intersection of Repin and Narimanov street Ryabikova, 40 and 71, on the street Ablukova, 23, is on the rise to the Imperial bridge, at the intersections of streets Vareikis street guy, and the Ring. If these addresses are approved, in near future it will start the procedure of bidding. Only for the repair of these objects is planned to more than 12 million rubles. The question for the remaining problem locations that require repair of storm sewer remains open.