Danish medicines agency warns of websites selling medicine, which is claimed to be able to treat the Covid-19.

Unauthorized dealers sell illegal drugs and self tests on the web by exploiting the fears and concerns during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

It warns the Danish medicines agency in a press release.

in Several places abroad and in a few places in Denmark have revealed such websites up, run by illegal dealers.

Here sold drugs, who purports to be able to treat the Covid-19, and test, which purports to be able to give answer on whether or not you have the disease.

the Danish medicines agency director Thomas Senderovitz, warns against the illegal websites.

– It is people who capitalise on the situation we find ourselves in, he says in the press release.

– They are exploiting people’s fears and concerns, and it is extremely unsympathetic. Therefore, we keep an extra watchful eye, so that citizens will not be cheated for endangering their lives and health.

There is currently not a vaccine against the corona virus, and yet there is no evidence that the already approved drugs for other diseases have an effect against the Covid-19.

the World over are working hard to develop medicine that can treat Covid-19.

the Danish medicines agency urges all citizens to report it to the agency, if you suspect that a company, a person or a drugstore selling counterfeit medicine.

on Wednesday afternoon informed the Copenhagen Police to have seized a fake website that advertised to sell håndsprit.

at the same time it sounded at a news conference from the justice minister Nick Hækkerup (S), to persons who are exercising coronakrisen to commit crime, will be punished harder.

It may be about the theft of håndsprit, fraud, or if you are pretending to be healthcare professionals in order to gain access to a private home.

In certain cases the penalty can be more than doubled.