hookah Bars are popular in Switzerland. Mainly young people visit. Because the clientele is young, it must also be the goods cheap offered. To withstand pressure, to import a lot of Swiss hookah Bars cheap tobacco from abroad.

For several years, the smuggling of hookah-tobacco is booming, as the “NZZ am Sonntag” reported. “I know people who have switched from drug to Shisha smuggling,” says a connoisseur of the scene in the French part of Switzerland to the newspaper. Because of the Shisha smuggling is less dangerous, and can bring in a lot of.

With a ton of tobacco in Switzerland is a good 20’000 Swiss francs deserve. Abroad, the tobacco can be obtained for around 50 francs per kilogram. The account of the Insiders: The driver receives 10 francs, the dealer also a 10. So the price is 70 Swiss francs per Kilo, still about half of the official Swiss price , which is 140 Swiss francs.

“Today everything goes through the black market,”

in the city of Zurich, the substance to be offered in certain kiosks for 60 to 70 francs. Often the black-and-trade in the course of familial structures with Connections in Arab countries or Turkey, as the “NZZ on Sunday”.

In this development, the Federal government is to blame, says Abou Heba Houssam – a former importer of Shisha tobacco in Switzerland. In fact, the Federal Council has increased in the spring of 2015, the taxes on hookah tobacco solid. The bottom line is, they increased from around 6 to at least 80 francs per Kilo.

As a consequence of the official trading broke. “Today it’s all about the black market runs,” says Abou Heba Houssam the newspaper.

The Federal government pursued two goals: Switzerland should lose its Status as the international price island for Shisha-tobacco and young people should be detained on the consumption of the harmful substance. The second goal was clearly missed: The consumption of Shisha tobacco is growing in Switzerland.