Ildar Abdrazakov brought to Moscow the festival

the rest of the festival agenda took place without a glitch. The festival, as planned, started in Ekaterinburg, where the performance of Ildar made a splash. In the home for the host of the festival Ufa again showed “Attila” by Verdi, delivered to them last year. This time the cast was strengthened by Veronika Dzhioeva in the role of Odabella, an Italian tenor Luciano Ganci in the party Foresto and a young baritone Sergey Kaidalova, received its baptism of fire in the party Roman Ezio. Hosted and planned master-classes in Ekaterinburg, Kazan and Moscow, which are conducted personally by Ildar Abdrazakov and his colleague Luciano Ganci. In Moscow the master class young soprano Elizabeth Menchuk and Inna Demenkova was selected to participate in the final concert of the festival.

Photo: Giorgi Kardava Ildar Abdrazakov will hold a festival in four cities in Russia

gambler Ildar Abdrazakov, the enemy of any routine, accumulates the vigorous, life-giving emotions which he was endowed by nature. The status of “bass in the world” it is not a hindrance to be open, friendly-minded, willing to share the joy of life with all those around him. This desire he did not hide at the last concert of the festival “Verdi gala”, where left only four rooms, giving the rest to the Italian guests, Veronika Dzhioeva and two young participants, who performed the Aria of Donna Elvira from “don Giovanni” by Mozart. Of course, everything, including the government, waiting for Sonia Ioncheva, his partner in Paris “don Carlos” by Verdi directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski, but for family reasons world star canceled his visit to Moscow. Veronika Dzhioeva did not disappoint, nor Sonya, nor himself.

are Well-known to both Russian capitals, but more rapidly and capitals of the world, Uchenica Tamara Novichenko, vyistavka Anna Netrebko not only has charisma, but the main gift – a rich, rare volume, tone and technical capabilities of the voice, advantageously distinguish it from the world of div. In two arias Leonor – Tacea la notte placida from Il Trovatore and Pace, Pace “forces of destiny” – she said the same of Verdi’s scale, which was planned to demonstrate at the festival Ildar. Perfect balance of emotion and technique, passion and control, and most importantly – impeccable sense of proportion and a shimmering diamond, the Bel Canto showed in its four outputs Ildar Abdrazakov. Careful and insinuating Attila, pondering another political plan, deeply suffering king Philip, for which Verdi would be like peeping through the keyhole in a moment of mental weakness, they were all artfully, psychologically intonational lived by the artist. He had to pause in the final ensemble of “Attila” conductor Mikhail Tatarnikov, putting a friendly hand on the shoulder that allowed the singer properly to articulate the phrase of recitative.