Who is an Ikea light bulb, or a picture needs a frame, no longer need to go to the Swedish furniture house in the suburbs, but you can stock up on since yesterday, directly in the main train station in Zurich. Ikea is situated in the middle of the historic station hall, a vending machine.

“The Whole thing is a Gimmick in connection with a campaign,” says a spokesman for to VIEW. They wanted to come closer to the people, as you’ve done it two years ago with the Pop-up Store in the posh railway station road. The machine was a pilot. “If our Experiment goes down well with the customers, we would consider other machines to fix up,” he says.

vending machine goes on a Tour de Suisse

for A week the machine is in Zurich. Thereafter, the individual is placed in the piece in Basel, Bern, Lucerne, Geneva, new castle and Bellinzona. The range consists of small items of furniture for the domestic housing, from Souvenirs and functional items, such as batteries and light bulbs.

The blue box works like the good old Selecta-vending machine. It is the combination of the desired item, paid for, and this is in the output tray. But attention: The Ikea vending machine only accepts cards, no cash.

Still seems to be the machine to suffer, but children’s diseases. As it VIEW wanted to test before 14 o’clock, went nothing more. On the Display a Error message.

A pack of Swedish meatballs, a few light bulbs or kitchen utensils. What you wish you in the new Ikea vending machine? You tell us in a comment!