I compared a lot of other people it is easy to comment on now is the conclusion of the case of ANO “the Seventh Studio”. It just so happened that nothing actually meaningful in this case I until last week, not read, and had never seen a performance of “the Seventh Studio”, never been in the “Gogol-center”, not familiar with any of the mentioned in case people are unable to judge whether Kirill Serebrennikov is an outstanding Director. All I saw was 110 pages re-examination in the case of March 16, 2020: at least there, there is a page in which I am obliged to understand something, namely the financial and administrative side of the examination.I don’t know how you put the light and how to distinguish a master class in theater arts from quackery. But I know what it looks like administrative reality in Russia. So yesterday’s suggestion by the prosecution that the guilt of the accused in the case proved, put me in severe confusion. As far as I can tell, this third examination the prosecution, the Ministry of culture and the court was waiting to determine whether the accused is guilty of the crime specified in part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal code of Russia: in it, let me remind you, we are talking about fraud. I, by the prosecutors, a lot of other people read the same 110 pages of expert opinions. If I have not forgotten how to read, not one word of the text makes it impossible to assume that ANO “the Seventh Studio”, its leaders, its contractors and partners have made a reasoned self-interest intentional crime by introducing someone into error.I know that the expertise of many people working directly in the theatre, there is a claim, and especially the economic part, written by Elena Bazhenova, which I remember as officials of a city administration of Ekaterinburg. Personally, I have no complaints: the expert, apparently, refused to actually answer her by the court the question, what is the required expenditure for the implementation of the “Seventh Studio” of government contracts, for which the Ministry of culture paid ANO 216,5 million rubles. Instead, she gave the answer to the question, how much would the program cost activities, if the Ministry of culture financed its regulations is 87.5 mln RUB not Even going to go into search of the answer to the question of how necessary here relates to sufficient (and what it would have been enough): if the Ministry wanted to Fund the project ANO regulations, he would have done so. But colleagues of Ms. Bazhenova directly write in the same document: the project was funded by a direct order of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and on a completely different principle. Consider the difference between 216,5 million, and 87.5 million, but the figure will mean nothing: no one projects such regulations are not funded and not funded. And the other answers this�� expert no.I was nearly clear and the position of the Ministry of culture, recognise the results of the examination. From the text it follows that as of 2012-2014 the Department did not have a special reporting system for such projects. Only the approval of the estimates and their claimed. There was no requirement to carry on the contracts of the special account on the side of the contractor. Therefore, the “Seventh Studio”, and former employees of the Ministry of culture, and the current can be blamed for many things. For example, in the chaotic record keeping. In refusing to create special projects under the appropriate forms of reporting. In connivance with the instructions of the presidential administration to allocate ANO money, which it is, strictly speaking, and, if desired, could report officially because of absence approved by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of culture of the forms. Negligence in accounting ANO. In the levity and carelessness (in the past, however, even in the Soviet Union after 1953 was not tried).But two kinds of accusation. First — to address today’s officials of the Ministry of culture: the latter only admits that eight years ago their predecessors did things the way they were, the prosecution generally does not evaluate the validity of this order of things. Second — the address of Mr. Serebrennikov and colleagues. For the third examination under the pain of criminal prosecution and under no less well perceived in the text by the fear of wrath so God knows what high officials confirms that there is in the documents no traces of someone else’s greed. Improper conduct of Affairs — perhaps even likely. Intent — according to the documents, a single trace. This does not mean that it did not exist. This means that the prosecution need something else to talk about fraud. There are traces of securities fraud and greed? No.Dmitry Butrin, Deputy chief of redactors what’s the matter, “the Seventh Studio” was released on the final studiocity next