Today in Grand Palais, Paris opened an exhibition “Pompeii.” The Union of the Paris museums, the Rmn-GP and the museums of Naples until September 27, is called to the foot of Vesuvius, and to offer through the death and resurrection of the most famous dead cities of Italy. The exhibition was prepared prior to the epidemic, did not open on time, but for the months of quarantine, she was even too relevant, according to the correspondent of “Kommersant” in France Alexey Tarkhanov.”Volcano eruption every 15 minutes,” written at the entrance. No need to rush at all enough.The long room turned into a sort of receding into the prospect of a Pompeian street, something like the Pompeii of via del Vesuvio. From two sides — the walls of the houses in the video. In the middle of a line of storefronts with a few Museum pieces. Half of the streets of ancient Pompeii, half — present, archaeological. Between them is arranged a little amphitheatre, with views of the typical architectural landscape with the summit of Vesuvius in the background.So are events from the three October days of the year 79 of our era, when, according to Pushkin, “Vesuvius Zev opened” and the sky began falls of tephra, lapilli and other volcanic-pyroclastic products. Residents who failed to flee the city, trapped in houses and died when on the slopes of the mountains, came down streams of hot and poisonous gases. Then fell the ashes and abandoned the city in the 16th centuries. We, that is, still taught in school. The current viewer, tempered IMAX, of course, is not very frightened. I think that the people of Pompei is not something to immediately frightened.Photo: Alexey Tarkhanov, Kommersanta do think that we are not afraid, we are warned. We see the inner courtyard of a wealthy home with the statue. The statue is real, courtyard with a fountain bowl in the center of the diorama, blende, but immediately recognizable. This is the peristyle of the House of Vettii. One of the most famous Pompeian houses, the names of whom gave archaeologists the last three centuries. Among them is the House of the Tragic poet, house of the Surgeon house of the Moralist, the House Perfumer — according to the things and labels that remain from owners. House of the Faun, house of the Gilded Cupids, Villa of the Mysteries — according to murals, open walls and statues dug from under the rubble. Well, a few houses, baptized according to the mood of the diggers.It was previously thought that the last day of Pompeii happened in August. But we are shown a video with the opening of the graffiti, proving that Vesuvius exploded two months later. So, in August the city is still lived quietly and people were convinced that although the land for ten years grunting, but it’ll cost, grandfathers and fathers of our land fought as many as eight centuries and there is no need to support panic when there are more important things to do. Worked bars, cafes and fast service (all sorts of thermopolia, we and cowpony), in the Triangular forum discussed the situation in Syria and that in the centre��non lupanaria the girls behave, they are not exactly in a brothel, and the temple of Vesta. Was entertaining comedies and dramas in Large and Small theatres. So fans tore the stadium that the sports League was deprived of the rights of Pompeii gladiatorial fights. And recently tweaked the story, holding the statue of one of the former Imperial wife (just the one that on the show) the head of the more new and progressive. How can it disappear, are you laughing?Exhibited here are the copies of telephone According to the invented in the XIX century technology, the remaining voids were filled with plaster and got images of people who lived 19 centuries ago, in this exact form in which found their death. Seated man, hiding his face with his hands, the girl prostrate on the floor, two to hug the figure and next to them the dog is one of those that, as the chroniclers said, barked and howled the night before.Photo: Alexey Tarkhanov, Commerciallyproduced in the Windows is the only Museum testimonies of what life was like all these people. Things well matched, though they are few. Scales, balances, and bronze vessels, in which swimming of volcanic lapilli. Marble portrait of a girl — from the House of the Golden Cupids. Round hand mirror, cosmetic tools and vessels for perfumed oils. Gold jewelry on the hands, head, neck. Marble Bunny lying on the edge of the fountain on via del Vesuvio. Two long flutes. The terrain on which the Bacchus and Ariadne of fun the uptake of three with a Satyr. A few handfuls of amulets, which were supposed to maintain health and happiness.”A lot of evil done in the world, but little such that it would give great joy to their descendants. I do not recall anything more interesting…” — ingenuously recorded on their tour of Goethe. Thanks to the disaster until we reached a momentary snapshot of a large (about 20 thousand people) of the Roman city, built long before the invention of photography. Thank you trouble, we learned a lot about Roman architecture, urban planning, urban economy. We were able to count the pots in the kitchen, found the tweezers and razors, learned that some real Pompeian ate and drank, what happy. We found that it was people exactly the same as we are, not dumber, not smarter, not nicer, not far-sighted. The story of the coronavirus, which suddenly stopped the world, although not all killed, at the Grand Palais is mixed with the unfortunate history of Pompei. Remember “Last day of Pompeii” by Karl Bryullov? The picture was painted in Italy, then swept through Europe. Stayed in Paris. In the meantime, she sailed to St. Petersburg ahead of the ship, rushed description world super-duper-masterpiece. In a meeting of one of the Moscow museums there is even a demo Briullov: the small canvas, painted by a local craftsman on the oral signs of the painting, had not yet reached Russia. Whether coming to us once “Pompeii” from Grand PasLe? It is better to see than to read.Photo: Alexey Tarkhanov, Commentanyone, “Pompeii” in no case does not replace a trip around Naples, when the distance of the city you are measuring is not the compass, and feet and when open are heading in the right unhurried pace of houses under the Naples sun. But now to get to Pompeii, though not as hard as in the time of Pliny the younger, but also very difficult. This is a great venue should not expect discoveries. This exhibition-Wikipedia, the exhibition McDonalds, where everything is chewed and put. But it is not worse. She has another goal — to remind us that we, maybe, crime is not seen and it is naive to believe that will always make it. So, an important lesson of the exhibition is that it is necessary, comrades, to live as it is neater, nicer, cleaner, and dig in an unfavorable light.