“Godfather of Punk” Iggy Pop (72) is rather conservative. He claimed, at least in the “Jonathan Ross Show”. Presenter Jonathan Ross (58) was not convinced, as he could still remember the one or other of the piquant Situation. During his time at “The Stooges” has James Newell Osterberg carved, such as Iggy Pop is called with civil name, which is properly to the plaster.

Ross told the musicians have held his tongue once in an outlet, because he had no fuel, but high wanted to be. “It was an electric Zugtransformator”, corrected him, the punk rocker, and adds: “I have also tried the spider webs. I tried to smoke. You have to start somewhere.” Pleasant it was, rather violently, he says.

Iggy Pop likes to go to bed early

On his excessive life style suggestive Ross then asked him: “Are you surprised that you still live?” Iggy Pop in the negative with a smile on your face: “My psychiatrist told me in the 70s: “You have an amazing straightforwardness. You’re going pretty far, you know, but also, when you have to do”.” He had always done. “I’m a very conservative guy in my daily life. I like to go to bed early.”

Despite his now somewhat more moderate life Iggy Pop is still not ready, with the music to stop. In September he released his new Album “free” (“free”), together with Leron Thomas (40) and Noveller (30). Why is his Album, “free” means, he explains: “I know it is an Illusion and freedom is only something you feel. But I’ve lived my life, always in the Conviction that freedom is the only feeling that it’s worth him to chase. It is everything you need. Not necessarily satisfaction or love – but the feeling to be free.” (bsn)