Iggy Pop often, good-naturedly joking, the fans compared to that kind of bones from the rock-n-roll. Despite a stormy youth (and not only), he managed not only to get out of narcotic hell and a huge number of scrapes, but also keep a powerful energy. Proof of this was, for example, his last Moscow concert, which he seemed to have turned back time and gave the audience a dashing 1960s. Legendary punk rocker haven’t visited the capital fans, and in the current realities due to the current world situation it is impossible. But he actively continues to delight and their fresh works. This time on the agenda – a video for the song “The Passenger”.

the Video was the first official recording for this song, although for many years fans have been exercised in editing and lecturing a variety of made on the rollers. In the clip archival photographs of the artist interspersed with shots taken on the night road, and on top of swim students learned by heart the words to the song. In social networks, Iggy thanked for assistance in the preparation of this work, Simon Taylor, Esther Friedman and Paul MacAlpine. The track “Passenger” (as translated from its English name) first appeared as the b-side (second side) on the record with the single “Success” September 30, 1977, and then became part of the second solo album “Lust for Life”, which was recorded together with David Bowie and is still considered the most commercially successful in the history of the creativity of the artist (its title song was later included on the soundtrack of the famous movie “Trainspotting” in 1996).

Music to it was written by Ricky Gardiner, composer, text – by Iggy. He often repeated that such lyrics was inspired leader and lead vocalist of the Doors Jim Morrison. Every show for decades, the performance of this composition is the most memorable room of the musician. No special effects, plasticity, charisma and special creative vision do the trick. Some critics, in analyzing this song, I find Parallels with the culture of decadence in General, it even became the subject of numerous studies. There is a huge amount of cover versions of “The Passenger”. One of the most famous was the variation, performed by Siouxsie and the Banshees, in which she sings. Grandfather of grunge (often referred to as Iggy Pop) appreciated the experiment: “She sings well, she made some note of performing it.”