On Friday 6. September starts the IFA in Berlin. The most important tech fair in Europe was formerly the International radio exhibition, today only the abbreviation for IFA is used.

And with good reason. It is no longer just radio and television but also on Smartphones, robots, or the Smarthome. Also a lot of space, the so-called “white goods”, i.e. products from the field of Washing, Cleaning, Beauty or body care.

starting Tuesday, and Wednesday are the manufacturers of the News to the press. For the 59. Changes will be introduced to new Gadgets. From over 1800 manufacturers to almost 200’000 square metres on the exhibition grounds in Berlin.

Maybe new Smartphones from Huawei, Sony and Samsung

These Trends and innovations, we expect: Samsung will be in addition to new TVs, especially the connected home in the center. To see, maybe there is also the improved Version of the Galaxy Fold, still we are waiting for the first foldable Smartphone in series production.

Also, Huawei held a major press conference. Traditionally, the latest Generation of the own processor, that could be presented. Perhaps as a foretaste of the new Top Smartphone, the stripped-down version, so the Mate 30 Lite. And even among the Chinese, a foldable Smartphone is in the start holes.

Sony is also likely to have a new phone in the Luggage. But if it’s already a successor for the Xperia 1 or a slightly smaller, cheaper version of the current Topgerätes, is still totally unclear.

Also in the area of Fitness trackers are expected to be a lot of innovations, Garmin, and Fitbit may introduce a number of new bands and watches. In the case of the Laptops, with Acer, Asus, and Lenovo, three manufacturers, which are likely to be portable devices with many new features.

In the area of television, traditionally a strong area at the IFA, are not expected to have any major new Trends. But many new models of Samsung, Sony, LG or Panasonic. New technology, such as 8K, OLED or Micro-LED is supposed to come in more and more devices. Highlight is a transparent TV from Panasonic.

we can also look forward to what’s new in Boom-topics such as E-scooters or Smarthome. And also Audio manufacturers such as Sennheiser and Sonos new products to celebrate at the IFA Premiere.