After a week of silence following Alexandra Trusova’s break-up with famed coach Eteri Tutberidze, the skater has spoken publicly to explain her decision to abruptly end their seemingly flawless partnership.

The 15-year-old quad-jumping prodigy admitted the decision was not an easy one, but she decided to make a U-turn in her sporting career to achieve greater results in figure skating.

Sometimes there is a moment in your life when you need to take an important step. You need to do that to move forward and conquer new peaks. It’s not always an easy decision, but if you’ve carefully weighed all the pros and cons, you need to move forward bravely, so than nothing can stop you,” Trusova wrote.

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“I’m grateful to all my coaches who have worked with me. I want to thank Olga Schevtsova, Larisa Melkova, Alexander Volkov and Anna Tsareva and of course Eteri Tutberidze who literally gave me the best and precious experience dedicating all her power to me. I’m sure I will have an opportunity to give my great coach a bouquet of her favorite flowers,” the skater added.

Last week, the two-time world junior champion sensationally left Tutberidze’s group announcing her cooperation with renowned figure skater Evgeni Plushenko.

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The move triggered uproar in the Russian figure skating community with some staff members in Tutberidze’s camp even calling Trusova a ‘traitor.’

Plushenko, who will now try to conquer new heights with Trusova, said that had been contacted by the skater’s parents long ago and the decision to leave Tutberidze was well-calculated.

Trusova’s fantastic results that she showed at a junior level suddenly nosedived last season with the athlete failing to win any major titles in the international arena.

The quad-jumping trailblazer with insane technical content suddenly started to fall on her signature elements, losing to her training partners from Tutberidze’s group.

Lack of attention and poorly staged routines were cited as the main reasons for the break-up by some experts who claimed to be familiar with the situation.

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Tutberidze emotionally reacted to Trusova’s exit by hinting that Plushenko had lured her by offering more attractive financial terms.