the second goal of his article Putin says the West: from the point of view of Russia, history can not be used as a weapon. And today, this is what happens in the West, which constantly produces new anti-Russian judgment with regards to Second world war. Historical facts interested in the least, the primary concern is victory in modern conflicts. From Russia want to make a perpetual Scarecrow to legitimize the subsequent expansion of NATO and to continue to criticize Moscow for its neo-imperialism, which, from the point of view of the West, a threat to him.

in Addition, countries such as Poland, the Baltic States and the Ukraine, playing on the “guilt complex” of the Western powers relating to the fact that at the Yalta and Potsdam meetings them, the small countries “gave” to Stalin, instead of “took” to the West. Therefore, they proclaim themselves victims and require not only to support them, but also to take as an axiom of their worldview and rejection of the Russian. As a result, Putin writes, Stalin’s attempt to expose the culprit of the Second world because of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and thereby to neutralize the value of the Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam conferences. In these attempts Putin sees the desire to finally destroy the old world order, where Russia has the status of a great power, and build a new, actually a unipolar world under the authority of the West.

the President of Russia opposes this and proposes to restore the credibility of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, to bring them all to the negotiating table and together to create a more lasting peace, taking advantage of the moment when the pandemic coronavirus weakened the entire planet and want-not want, but forced us to work together.

I think, the most important in the article, Putin are as follows. First: he reminded the world that in 1989 the USSR condemned the secret Protocol of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (on the “limits of spheres of interest” of the parties in the event of a territorial and political rearrangement of the Baltic States and Poland. – Approx. “RG”), condemns it and modern Russia. The West believes Putin should finally hear this position of Moscow and also to condemn their actions, 1938 (the so-called “Munich agreement”. – Approx. “RG”) and secret negotiations with Hitler, which he so diligently wants to remain silent.

Second, Putin’s article was not written to whitewash Stalin. Putin writes about the crimes committed in the country, but says that in foreign policy it is impossible to accuse Stalin of lack of sense and the knowledge of how to defend their country. Stalin understood that he was dealing not with only one enemy in the face of Germany, but also Britain and France are only waiting, like national socialism and Bolshevism will begin to fight with each other. Reason Putin drawn, in particular, to London, urging him to finally open their archives and publish data on the statements of Churchill and other British politicians about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. This document is the West regards as something terrible, but then he understood Moscow’s stance and much more rational this agreement were evaluated. West was clear that the Soviet Union was not an ally of Germany, and just took the time to prepare for the inevitable war. To ensure that the public can see this, you just need to open the archives.

But, unfortunately, in the West, the argument Putin can not be taken properly. Political circles will probably remain silent about his article. The thing that is so already established their ideas about the war, what’s to argue about it, the West is simply not interested. The more that he begins more and more to believe in their own version of those events. Now in Europe everything is done to the history of the world has forgotten. In Russia, this Holy war, the USSR came out of it a winner, so the Russians speak of it with such enthusiasm. But those who lost, are silent. Silent Germans, are silent French, and almost all of Europe, because most of them were either under the occupation of Hitler, or even cooperated with him. But in addition to this, many people basically do not know much about the war – I bitterly look, how the subject is taught in schools and universities. But despite such resistance, I’m sure that on some platforms like the Petersburg dialogue, the article, Putin will force historians to begin discussions.

I think that Putin in his article purposefully tried not to clash with the West. This article is very self-critical, which is incredibly important for the Western reader. Putin is well aware that Moscow needs to make its position heard. He writes that Russia has won this war. In every sentence he emphasizes that it was the victory of those peoples who at that time lived on the territory of the USSR. It was a joint victory. To protect its position with regards to Second world, Russia needs to get allies and start a dialogue with Western countries, particularly America, where it is necessary to awaken people’s conscience and understanding that you need to talk. It is important to secure the support from the CIS countries and Ukraine, which, incidentally, has itself become the victim of a German attack, which makes all its attempts to present itself as a victim of the USSR is ridiculous. Has something to say about the Second world and China, whose point of view I’m sure will be close to the Russian. To say that this article will open the West’s eyes, the wrong way, but it will not remain unanswered.