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“A tragedy”, said Marc Van Ranst, the death of five seniors in the same service-building in Borgerhout. If, in French, in st. Louis, Irène, and Liane, all of the five liked to have seen. They had known each other as friends, or in the cafeteria in front of The pool. However, all five of them had succumbed to the effects of the corona virus. A portrait of the person.

Jos-The Children (92).

Jos was of course the French Foreign legion and served in the Algerian desert. Later, he sailed as a seaman all over the world. However, the corona virus was fatal. On Saturday, the 14th of march came to Jos in the fall of his service. He was taken to the hospital. And as he was breathing, he was tested on the same name. This test was found to be positive. Three days later, he just died in the hospital.

“My uncle passed away two days before my birthday,” said his niece, Carina. “When my sons were flat leeghaalden, they found that there was a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates ready for me. As such, it was Jos, a big heart, and always be generous.”

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in French, Le Bastard (86).

“Franske” or ‘ Swakke,” as his neighbours called him, was one of the joviaalste figures it’s Fair. On the 5th of march, called, in French, is a retired press photographer from Antwerp, belgium to his son, Dirk. “He told me that some people get sick in the building. I was aware of the danger of a corona, of course. He said that we are no longer allowed to come over because there is, perhaps, the people were infected.”

On the 19th of march, got Dirk the phone for his father to wake up in the morning, the ground had been found in his room. He found it, and found it hard to breathe. The French turned out to be infected with the corona virus, it’s probably because he’s so often the people in the coffee shop. “I said to him: “be careful out there. But, for the people, for it is the most important thing. He was very happy to have seen.”

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Louis Denaph (80).

Every morning was slagerszoon Louis Denaph (80) in the cafeteria of his service. Have a chat, have a game to play. Or, as always, the quantity of the good. Because of that, he was able, like no other, ” says the daughter, Tania (50). A retired garbage man, in the late 90’s, in the city of Antwerp, with a small group of peers, The “Men’s Universe”, also known as “the singing garbage men”.

After his retirement, and the death of his wife, Louise (62), rose and Louis, have been moved into the service. “But last week, he suddenly slipped and he had to go to the hospital. It was found that he also has a fever it had. As discovered by the doctors that he was coronapositief it was.”

Louis walked up to the virus might be in the school cafeteria, where the other victims, the other suspected to be infected to have it. “He called me I was still on it. He said, I’ve got bad news for you. He realized the seriousness of his condition.”

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Irène Clark (79).

Irène Clark (79), which came from Hoboken. They lived for a number of years in service of The well. Last week, she was sick, and she passed away on Saturday, march 21, at the hospital.

“Five years ago, died at her companion, and my grandfather, Charles”, says a-plus-year-old granddaughter, Sandra. “After that, she had a heart operation successfully. It has been very difficult for her, and she’s got some in the house. It is among others of her friends from the assisted living facilities which, when in addition to have helped a lot.”

Irène lived on the same corridor as the French ” Le Bastard. She was a friend of mine in Jos, The Child, who was a close friend of her husband. And she was like the coffee shop cards, just like Liane, Fernand. “She was such a caring woman. That was just in the hospital to death.”

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Liane, Fernand (86).

Liane, a die-hard kaartster in the hall of The Fountain, he lost the fight in just a week’s time. Her daughter, Jennifer, you know there will be an emotional post on Facebook: that her mother was “very, very good, except for a bit of ouderdomskwaaltjes”.

Liane was last week taken to the hospital with abdominal pain. There, physicians determined that she was contaminated with the same name. After that, her health quickly deteriorated. ‘s relatives could no longer visit at the hospital, but the doctors have left her, but still Facetimen, so that they support each other in this way could still be seen.

“I’ve seen her, not once more to be able to handle it, that’s really hard,” says Jennifer. In the meantime is that they can also be used in the hospital setting. She was, according to acquaintances, really like to be seen to be in the house.

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