So, in the Leningrad region if divided all rented residential square footage by the number of people, one person had a 1.3 “square”. This year the volume of new housing fell by 7.8 per cent and apartment prices in the region on the primary market grew 2.2 percent.

it is Worth noting that in the Leningrad region the situation is special. The main volume of construction is concentrated in the areas that border with St. Petersburg. Many buyers of real estate in the Leningrad region is not prescribed in their apartments, keeping the registration in the Northern capital. All of this can create some distortions in the data, therefore the authorities of the Leningrad region even planned to contact the mobile operators “big three” to get the data on the actual number of residents in the border locations.

In second place in the country in terms of construction is the Moscow region, where in terms of per capita delivered a 1.1 “square”. In third place – the Lipetsk region, in this region, the volume of construction last year increased by 39.1 percent.

In Saint-Petersburg in terms of per capita last year was commissioned 0.64 square meters per person, the volume of commissioned housing decreased by 12.1 percent, and prices in the primary market grew by 9.3 per cent. In the ranking of Petersburg occupies 15-e a place, and Moscow is on the 57th line of the list. For one resident of the capital was raised last year to 0.39 “squares”, while the region recorded a record amount of input growth was 41 percent. Construction activity at a relatively small number of “squares” per person due to high population in the capital.

And closes the rating of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. In this region, according to estimates by the compilers of the list in the last year in recalculation on one inhabitant was put 0,026 square meters of housing, the decline in the growth rate of construction compared to 2018 amounted to 31.8 percent.

In the whole country the Russians had built 0,541 square meters of residential property.