Identified three reasons for not using Telegram

the Telegram Messenger does not meet important criteria of data protection and privacy. To such conclusion the Nile Kravetts, a specialist in computer security. In his blog, he urged to stop using the messenger, stating the three reasons.

the First reason Kravetts said, is that employee who use Telegram in the office, it is easy to detect and block. Using the tools of the traffic inspection company banning instant messaging at work can easily detect the IP address of the person who will use Telegram, the characteristic features in the traffic – messenger uses its own Protocol to connect and your own servers.

the Second challenge Telegram, the expert called storing data unencrypted – transmitting them over the network in encrypted form to the server instant messenger will retain their already decrypted, according to the analyst. In addition, the messenger caches the contents of the sent URL. According to Kravitz, it can lead to data leakage.

Easy to decrypt the data is the third reason why the expert called for the abandonment Telegram. Having access to the user’s computer, attackers will easily be able to determine the time and type of shipment. This is possible due to the fact that the messenger stores information about the user actions in the form of a small file size. Local encrypted data, according to Cravatta easy to decode with tools such as Telegram-desktop-decrypt or TelegramStorageParser.

co-Founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov has repeatedly criticized competitors for vulnerability. Mostly gets owned by Facebook WhatsApp – Durov considers the two-billionth messenger with the audience-spyware tool. This, according to Durova, indicate regular detection in this critical vulnerability allowing unauthorized access not only to communications of users, but also to information on their device.

Text: News.Hi-tech