Identified early signs of a severe form COVID 19

American scientists from the Medical school named Grossman showed signs that appear in the early stages of infection severe COVID-19.

The researchers found that increasing ferritin, D-dimer and C-reactive protein and low levels of oxygen in the blood was observed at early stages in patients who later needed hospitalization and connection to a ventilator, reports the newspaper “Izvestia”.

All were studied more than four thousand patients of them were hospitalized about two thousand, and 650 patients needed connection to a ventilator.

Also, scientists from the Medical school named Grossman at new York University found that people with obesity have higher risks for diseases coronavirus infection. They noted that young people are twice as likely to require hospitalization if they have extra weight, as the immune system of such people is “focused” on the extra fat layer and “fight” against the virus. They noted that this fact can explain why in the U.S. many cases of infection with coronavirus, wrote the company informed.