NHL Trainer: “I am convinced that the Swiss reached the quarter-finals, when I see the constellation of the group. A good Start to the tournament is important. This energy can benefit the Team a positive dynamic. I think it is important that fishing has brought new faces into the cabin, the slides for certain roles. He has a sense to build a Team. Fischer himself was a dream-Natispieler, accepts his role at the time, always, and you are focused.”

“While many of the Teams a break mood, Switzerland is now a well-established group and a team is like a club. The door, in order to create it far forward, is wide open. Also, thanks to the Self-consciousness, which has built up the Team, and the reinforcements from the NHL. A year ago, I was skeptical. However, Fischer and his players have learnt from the Olympic and many of the buttons rotated. I would be incredibly surprised, we would not make it into the quarter-finals. A good campaign would also help us in regards to the home world Cup in 2020.”

“A success as last year, nothing stands in the way. Even if everything has to fit together. The selection is one of the Best ever. Switzerland has a wide. Players like Roman Josi, and Kevin Fiala are from the beginning, helping us. Both goalkeepers are in good shape. A year ago you knew first, not right, how it is run. Berra began as number 1, was injured then. Now both goalkeepers are established, be sure to play both. Of course pressure is there now. Decisive will be how the Team deals with it. The expectation, even from the players themselves, can make it difficult for one or the other.”

“more than last year, the hope would be to come. In a Team of great potential. I know the other teams too little. But you can also play Hockey. The approach that is preached for ten years to reach the quarter-final is the right one. This is the claim we must have. After that, very much is possible. And since Switzerland can also appear very self-confident.”

“With the silver-experiences of 2013, and 2018 can start the Nati with self-confidence in this world Cup and the goals accordingly. This mentality break Fischer embodies. But you do not need to be aware that such a flight is always possible. But the quarter-final, the Swiss sure to reach the semi-finals, then, depends on my daily form. A medal is not a matter of course, but you can be exempt, keeping this goal.”

“It’s a similar Team like a year ago, with a lot of Skills and Speed. I think that the Swiss are sure to reach the semi-finals. But whether a similarly large Coup succeeds like 2018 is questionable. The team must come to the start of the tournament in a race to him against strong opponents. For me, the Russians are Gold favourites, because they have a strong Team. But at the world Championships, they were always trouble.”