On Monday were the players of the HC Lausanne in the new Vaudoise arena on the ice. Actually, you would want to move in on the last Saturday in the new ice Palace. However, sometimes it is in the case of a large-scale building for a little longer than planned. At least in the French speaking part of the country, will say evil tongues in the German part of Switzerland.

As of the for last weekend’s scheduled appearance of the Cirque du Soleil had to be cancelled. The delay should have cost the stadium operators of a six-digit amount.

The players were carted off for the first Training in small buses from the temporary hall Malley 2.0 over in the neighboring new Arena. Also on Tuesday at the opening Derby against the surprising Co-Leader Servette will you take off like an away team before and after the game with their bags and again. As the ZSC Lions do in each case.

9600 seats in the new Arena

shortly before the Premiere will be in the stadium complex, the 220 million francs in cost, even at full speed worked. Not yet, were yesterday pulled out all the cable, washer and dryer are still not connected.

“Our goal was to provide players with a professional infrastructure, so they can do their work,” says sports boss Jan Alston. “Tuesday is a special day for all. The players, us, the organization. You experience it in a career not often that you can get a new stadium.”

9600 courts summarizing the state of the art Arena, which should be no occasion to complain, if you have then once completely finished. Especially for the cold production of renewable energy, among other things, thanks to the 636 solar modules, is used.

According to the world Cup-OK-in-chief Gian Gilli, the Canadians are riding in may of their group games in the Arena, at the time of their visit anyway, Like found at Lausanne.

Lausanne is aiming high.

On Servette and Davos on Saturday a prestigious guest: the Philadelphia Flyers, the train on Sunday in the Malley 2.0 and on Monday at the Lausanne meeting follows then already

The game against the NHL-club shows that the Canton of Vaud are aiming high. So the American owner and Ex-Kloten-President Ken Stickney, as he Lausanne will be 2016 entry that is nothing less than Europe’s Top club.

It is not, however, exclude the possibility that there will also be the ascent of the Hockey throne a delay.

It’s something in the Swiss football. Not only in Lausanne is built, but also in Fribourg, Davos, Zurich and even Bern. About 550 million Swiss francs were invested in arenas. Only in Geneva, anything goes.

the League Director Denis Vaucher was delighted when he reported that you can track on a Webcam, that in Ambri will be built. 2021 51 million expensive, by Star-architect Mario Botta-designed Nuova Valascia to be ready. You will offer such as the iconic, but long since obsolete Valascia 7000 Fans space.

Because of the stadium-construction of the HCD starts with eight away games. Only at the
18. October can be played in the neat hall with wooden Flair again. To complete the refurbishment of the 1979-built stadium, but not until 2021 – to the 100-year anniversary of the HCD. The capacity will be reduced from 6800 to 6603, which is due to the redistribution of Floor – to-seat (900 more).

The early childhood Arena is being rebuilt since last season for 95 million, so Gottéron on 1. October for the first home game comes. Even after the opening, is built up to 2020, before 8500 Fans have space.

C: Also in Zurich, the diggers and cranes are in use (for 169 million). In 2022, the Lions want funded in their largely private 12 000-seater Swiss-Life-Arena switch.
Thus, the only Geneva, will have a completely outdated hall and Bern are under pressure to act. For the world Cup in 2009, renovated PostFinance Arena is not WM compatible. Ten years of the SCB is tied, however, to be the stadium.