is assigned For Arno Del Curto, the Swiss ice hockey only Patrick Fischer and Luca Cereda. In football there is, however, the Swiss coach as the Sand of the sea. And with Lucien, also an international Format Favre.

In ice hockey players pushing, when you finish your Active career, do not on the trainer market.

This could also have something to do with the requirement profile for the coaching job in the modern world. Today, a head coach must bring his team tactically and mentally on the course. Rather, it is also a figurehead, a mouthpiece, and the seller of the Association.

This role is in contrast to the behavior that is instilled in the players for years in Swiss Hockey-cabins. The code is: The Only thing that matters is the team; an Individual is not in the foreground. So workers are in this somewhat archaic Sport, sometimes widely respected as individualists.

this is Probably why only a few Hockey players feel after the career, the urge to Expo and the ramp is exposed to light. And as a coach it is hard to avoid. Because you have to mark the presence-and the audience will captivate you. No one could Want better than Del.