In the neighboring Swiss League club Visp is not Armand Burgener (64) from Raron jealous. On The Contrary. The former footballer-the village of Raron (1974 to 1979 in the NLB), the birthplace of Erich Burgener and Georges Bregy, now plays for the EHC, the first violin. Patiently, persistently, and stubbornly Burgener has, for decades, for his hockey club.

If need be, from a knock he in the village door to door. Collects money in order to procure for his goalkeeper a occasion equipment. The solidarity in the village (around 2000 inhabitants) is large. Will culminate in November in the opening of the new Raiffeisen-hall.

A 4.8 million Swiss francs, expensive work. Part in slavery created. So players and friends of the Association have laid 22 km of cooling pipes. Thanks to the neat ice skating rink, the season will be expanded from two and a half to up to seven months. The Junior ice hockey in the whole upper Valais will benefit.

Truly a pioneering achievement. A small ice hockey club, the owner and operator of a skating rink is a Switzerland unique constellation! Reminds you of the glorious times of the EHC Visp (1960 B-masters, in 1962, NLA-master). In 1955, the Visper voting citizens to be granted a contribution of 136 000 francs to the new ice rink, which cost a total of 330 000 Swiss francs.

Visp re-writes history

In the former NLA Visp was the only club with its own ice rink. The village had 3500 inhabitants – up to 5500 spectators, the games visited at the time. It took a good performance of the team, with the entry fee of the repay the loans.

Now, Visp, writes history again. But this time it is the municipality, not the hockey Club.

The small town (7800 inhabitants) has the most beautiful and modern hall (capacity of 5000 spectators) of the Swiss League. In record time, built – in 30 months of the vote (75.5 percent of the 5100 Voters said Yes for the 35.5 million) to ready-to-use implementation. The driving forces behind community President Niklaus Furger (65), and project Manager Norbert Zuber (59), former longtime Goalie at the EHC Visp of goods.

Now the EHC Visp in the duty and is under pressure. Chairman of the Board Norbert Eyer (64) has ensured during the period of construction of the Lonza Arena for little benevolence. So he has promised before the vote, in the new hall for the cost of the Info-cube, for the furniture in the Catering area, as well as the fitness room, up to an amount of 1.65 million Swiss francs to pay.

Empty words – the municipality has also taken the. Eyer talked later from the responsibility, these amounts had been considered “only”. So how about the alarm system in the VIP Lounge of the stadium. As a connoisseur of the scene, but said, it should burn for some time and would have to Norbert Eyer hold a of his officer’s speeches, then empty the room fast as lightning …

Coach Alatalo viewers to Despair

Instead of lafern Eyer must, be to deliver sport boss Bruno Aegerter (64) and CEO Sébastien Pico (42) now. Your club has adopted five times in a row in the quarter-finals. What is clear is that Fails, the club once again in the first Playoff round, rolling heads. In the criticism of coach Matti Alatalo (Fi, 60). With his miserable Coaching, he brings the audience into the hall in Despair.

Ironically, in the case of the 1:3 Derby defeat on Wednesday against the HC Sierre of Dany Gelinas (Ka, 53) out-coached. With well-4237 viewers Lonza Arena for the first time under Full load. It wasn’t the new Catering that has passed – to long wait times. After the end of the Game, the members of the Business Club (annual contribution of 6000 francs) were not able to even drink your beer ready, because the Lounge was closed immediately. The restaurant is in the Lonza Arena of the Central point. Also, because the EHC 240′ 000 Swiss francs for rent, has lift instead of the previous 70 000 (in the Litterna-hall) to.

in Spite of this Derby defeat of Visp in the Canton of Valais in Sierre, the nose in front – at a Budget of 4.8 to 2.3 million Swiss francs and also in the infrastructure. The city of Sierre (17 000 inhabitants) is planning for 2025 is also a new hall. But beware: In the French-speaking Valais talking euphoria and low are pretty close friends.

the megalomania led both the HC Sierre (2014) and Red Ice Martigny (2014) in the bankruptcy. A HC Wallis to remain a utopia – as well as a rise of the EHC Visp in the National League. The necessary 10 million Swiss francs a year, cannot be handled without a patron to. Therefore, prefer a more attractive club in the B as cannon fodder in the A. The infrastructure is unique in the Brig, Raron and Visp the three halls are within a radius of 16 kilometers.