with Envy, we look to the North, where the young Swedes Alexander Holtz (Djurgarden) and Lucas Raymond (Frölunda) trumps. Also in Finland, Teens big play – and even the Germans run us in terms of top talents currently in the rank.

In the summer of draftete Detroit defender Moritz Seider in Position 6. And now the next Talent of Adler Mannheim with Tim Stützle sensation. The 2002-born striker has scored like Holtz in the two-Champions-League-two hits.

In the five Swiss CHL Teams are the youngest players, world Cup participants Janis Jérôme Moser, Gillian Kohler (both Biel) and Jeremy Gerber (Bern) – are two years older. You are 19 and would have been two years ago in the NHL Draft can be drawn.

But not only among the CHL participants, but in the entire National League in the cadres in vain for players who are born after 2000.

there are three reasons:

1. The money

Our club is financially good, or at least not bad enough to have to on cheap own family put. Even the poorest Clubs spend per season is 12 million Swiss francs. In Finland, the Budget of Croesus IFK Helsinki is under 10 million.

And while the production of NHL players is mainly for Finnish and Swedish Teams, thanks to the agreement with the best League in the world, the need to pay for the Transfer of the player a minimum of 240’000 Swiss francs, is very interesting, it’s not worth it for a Swiss Hockey-club (as opposed to football) financially, the players train. Switzerland has no agreement with the NHL, because you had fear, that the Stars could jump in spite of the running contract in the summer.

2. The Exodus

Many Swiss talents have opted in recent years for the way the Stars like Nino Niederreiter, Timo Meier or Nico Hischier is pre-signed. They changed the young leagues in the North American Junior, to develop and recommend for the NHL Draft.

this season will be to play with Noah Delémont, Valentin Nussbaumer, Gaétan Jobin (all QMJHL), Inaki Baragano, Keanu Deruns, Simon Knak (all of WHL), Nico Gross, Giancarlo Chanton and Kyen Sopa (all OHL) nine Teenagers Overseas.

3. The quality of

The residue of the Switzerland of the top Nations in the training of young players has grown in the last few years. The local talents often develop late, when you are under pressure because of school or teaching and full-on Hockey can focus.