The contract of Patrick Fischer has been extended until 2024. This is actually unnecessarily long. However, it has hedged with clauses. And Zug has earned this contract. Under him the national team makes a lot of joy, shows the refreshing Hockey and is successful.

But the 44-Year-old not only collected the silver from Copenhagen, and the positive performances of the last world Cup in Slovakia points. He has long since become the driving force for the Swiss ice hockey. He has shaped the Image of the sport. And it is a positive and fresh image Fischer and his Team.

as fishermen would not want a lot of in the football, even if you doubt the tactical qualities of Vladimir Petkovic.

Because Fischer is a Communicator. A man who gives in with its charm, a point of Contrast to the sometimes gray everyday life. A person who forgives easily if it occurs in a fat cells. And a coach who also speaks in Public, plain text, and conflict should not be evaded.

In the Hockey team of all NHL-Star knows that the door is closed, if it cancels for reasons other than valid reasons. Xherdan Shaqiri would be a hockey player, would be the home world Cup in may, without him or it would probably come much more likely not only to his controversial cancellation.